Archivist Dreadmoore: Greetings, Deathlord. The blades you hold, while magnificent, have much untapped potential. As you harvest the souls of your enemies their power will continue to grow. Grand Master Corvus has studied new techniques that may be of use to you, my lord. You can find him working the forges on the upper level.

Keeping Your Edge


Quest Objectives

Speak with Grand Master Siegesmith Corvus in Acherus.



NOTE: Take the portal to the Heart of Acherus.


Quest Completion

Grand Master Siegesmith Corvus: Ah this weapon is amazing! Do you see the souls of the damned dancing along its edge? Oh how they scream for release! Yes… in their forms I can see how the blade must be shaped.

Keeping Your Edge


Keeping Your Edge


1. The Call to War2. A Pact of Necessity
3. The Dead and the Dadmned (Blood)3. The Call of Icecrown (Frost)3. Apocalypse (Unholy)
4. Following the Curse9. Mograine's Oath
5. Disturbing the Past10. Keeping Your Edge
6. A Grisly Task11. Advanced Runecarving
7. The Dark Riders12. Plans and Preparations
8. The Call of Vengeance13. Our Next Move
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