(A Powerful presence again touches your thoughts.)

The Lich King: I have ordered your brethren to Icecrown to prepare for the coming conflict, but I have a more important fate in mind for you. You, (name), will be the hand of our vengeance! Use the Death Gate to return to Acherus and I shall reveal your role in this.

The Call of Icecrown


Quest Objectives

Head to Icecrown and obtain the Blades of the Fallen Prince.




STAGE 1: The Call of the North — The Lich King awaits your return to the citadel.

Highlord Darion Mograine: Ah, (name). So the Lich King chose you to be his hand? I’m not surprised. We have all heard the tales of your exploits. Our forces have gathered from all across Northrend. When the call to action comes… and it will come soon… the Knights of the Ebon Blade will be ready. Make no mistake, we bear no chains to this new Lich King. However, he may prove a valuable ally against the Legion. For now, his goals align with ours. And in the meantime, it is our best interest if the Scourge stays… contained. The gates of Icecrown lie to the north. Do not keep our ally waiting!



Lady Alistra: Look, it’s (name). I told you he/she was going to be the one chosen. Now, pay up!

Lord Thorval: One of Amal’thazad’s students? Bah! Fine, take your gold.

Dagnar Stonebrow: Hurry up, Minerva! We’re about to pull out of here. Mograine will kill us if we hold things up!

Minerva Ravensorrow: We’re already dead, idiot!


The Lich King: Enter, (name), there is much to be done.



STAGE 2: The Gates are Open — Enter Icecrown Citadel



STAGE 3: Seek the Fragments — Collect Fragments within Icecrown Citadel.

The Lich King: Many of the souls freed by Frostmourne’s destruction wander the halls of Icecrown, lashing out in eternal torment. Destroy them, and gather the fragments of the blade, for they will be the heart of your new weapon.

Phantom Swordsman: Repel the intruder!



Phantom Swordsman: Meet your second death, undead filth!

Phantom Swordsman: To arms!

The gargoyles lift off from their pressure plates and the portcullis slams shut!

NOTE: After killing the gargoyles, stand 2 yards behind the pressure plate, then use deathgrip to pull the gargoyle on top of the pressure plate. This will open the portcullis.



The Lich King: Baelgun’s soul was cursed to relive the moment of his death for eternity and will see you as his enemy. Destroy him.

Baelgum Flamebeard: Did that traitor of a prince send you? So be it, I’ll show no mercy! You an’ that prince of yours are gonna pay for what he did to ole’ Muradin!

Baelgum dies.

Baelgum Flamebeard: What… what have I done?



Lore: After Illidan shook Northrend with the Eye of Sargeras, the Faceless Ones were freed from their icy prison. Baelgun led the dwarves to guard Doorward, the entrance to Azjol-Nerub, to prevent anyone from coming in or out. Arthas heed the call of the Lich King to come to the Frozen Throne. Arthas killed Baelgun Flamebeard in order to go through Azjol-Nerub as a shortcut to reach the Frozen Throne. — Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, Undead Campaign chapter 7: Into the Shadow Web Caverns




The Lich King: The souls of Halahk was tortured within Frostmourne till he cursed the light. Now that he has forsaken it, slay him.

Halahk the Deathbringer: The king may have fallen but I will never abandon Lordaeron!



Lore: Halahk the Lifebringer was a paladin of the Circle of Holy Light who guarded the Lordaeron palace’s gardens in Warcraft III (Act III – Undead: Chapter 1: Legacy of the Damned).




Anguished Soul: Quel’Thalas will never fall!

The Lich King: Even when consumed by Frostmourne the soul of Magroth refused to give up the light. Show him the error of his ways.

Magroth the Defender: Peace… at… last…



Lore: Magroth the Defender survived the Scourge in Lordaeron, and was later captured by Illidan in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Night Elf Campaign, Chapter 7: Ruins of Dalaran. Malfurion, Maiev and Kael’thas freed Magroth from the Naga, and he helped them destroy the Eye of Sargeras. However, Magroth fell before Arthas the Death Knight in the Lordaeron palace’s gardens.





The Lich King: Once hailed by Arthas as a brother, Gavinrad too was ultimately fed to Frostmourne. Grant him a final death.

Gavinrad the Cruel: The Silver Hand will remove your blight from this world!

Gavinrad the Cruel: The pain… is over…


Lore: Gavinrad followed Sir Anduin Lothar to Lordaeron in the exodus from Stormwind. Lothar suggested Gavinrad to serve Alonsus Faol as one of the initial members of the Knights of the Silver Hand. Gavinrad the Dire was a member of the Champions of Peace, and gifted the Light’s Vengeance weapon to Prince Arthas during his ordering as a paladin. Gavinrad the Dire fell before Arthas the Death Knight trying to prevent him from taking Kel’Thuzad’s corpse from the tomb located in the outskirts of Andorhal. — Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Undead Campaign, Chapter 2: Digging up the Dead




STAGE 5: Power Overwhelming — Reforge the fragments and form your weapon.

The Lich King: Behold, the hilt of Frostmourne. From its broken form you will create a blade without equal! Approach and channel your power into it to create your weapon. It is done. From the shards of Frostmourne the twin blades are born! Soon, they shall feed upon the souls of my enemies!



STAGE 6: The Purge — Purge the blades of the malevolent souls within.

The Lich King: I sense powerful spirits remain within the blades. Enter into the spiritual realm within and purge them of all that resist your domination!


Location: Blades of the Fallen Prince

Echo of Ner’zhul: Arthas Menethil. Take up the blade, embrace your destiny!

Echo of Arthas Menethil: Yes… you are right… I will bear any curse to have my revenge… What? An intruder! You won’t stop me, Frostmourne will be mine!



Echo of Ner’zhul: How dare you interfere! His soul belongs to ME!

Echo of Arthas Menethil: Nothing will stand in the way of my vengeance! Feel the icy chill of death around you!



Echo of Arthas Menethil: Argh! The darkness. I can’t… I… ARRGHHHHHH!!!

Cull the scourge before they are sacrificed!



Echo of Arthas Menethil: Only… darkness…

Echo of Ner’zhul: Curse you! My plans… ruined!


STAGE 7: The Hungering Cold — The Blades are purged of the corruption. Claim them as your own.



Obtain the Blades of the Fallen Prince: 1/1



FINAL STAGE: Death’s March — Obtain the Lich King’s Blessing.

Location: The Frozen Throne

The Lich King: You have done well. Ascend to my throne and receive your charge. Where the weak showed mercy, you did not hesitate to strike. Where the unworthy were vanquished, you have conquered. I now mark you with my sigil, let all recognize you as the enforcer of my will. As we speak the Ebon Blade is en route to the Broken Isles to hunt for the Dreadlords. Go, ensure that not a single demon escapes my wrath! Crush all who stand in your way!



Take the Acherus Waygate: 1/1


Location: Acherus: The Ebon Hold


The Lich King: Death Knights of Acherus, I send to you (name) who will serve as the enforcer of my will. Follow his/her commands as you would my own.

Amal’thazad: Ah, the disciple returns triumphant! You’ve done well to remember the lessons I’ve taught you.



Highlord Darion Mograine: The Lich King made a wise choice in giving you those blades, (name). You’ve more than proven yourself worthy of them. I have to admit though, I’m glad it wasn’t me. I’m through with having magical weapons dictate my fate.




Highlord Darion Mograine: It is time for you to be given a position that befits your accomplishments, (name). Knights of the Ebon Blade! Assemble as we honor one of our own! Before us this day stands our comrade in arms, (name). You have all heard the legends of countless battles fought… of trials overcome at great cost. His/Her exemplary deeds in the name of the Ebon Blade have shown him/her to be one of the best of us, worthy of our highest honor. You will all bow to him/her as you once did to me, and carry out his/her will against the Legion!


The Call of Icecrown


1. The Call to War2. A Pact of Necessity
3. The Dead and the Dadmned (Blood)3. The Call of Icecrown (Frost)3. Apocalypse (Unholy)
4. Following the Curse9. Mograine's Oath
5. Disturbing the Past10. Keeping Your Edge
6. A Grisly Task11. Advanced Runecarving
7. The Dark Riders12. Plans and Preparations
8. The Call of Vengeance13. Our Next Move
Class Artifacts Questlines

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