When pledging to the Night Fae Covenant at level 60, players can gain access to the Transport Network.

First, head over to Zayhad, the Builder located in the basement of the Heart of the Forest. This is beneath where Ysera and Shandris are standing.

Zayhad opens the Sanctum UI which provides several tiers of upgrades to your Covenant’s features:

  • Transport Network
  • Anima Conductor
  • Adventures Upgrades
  • The Queen’s Conservatory

Transport Network

The Transport Network has three tiers to enhance the Ardenweald Travel Network:

  • Nurtured Roots
  • Fun with Fungi
  • Blossoming Network

In order to upgrade any of these three tiers, you have to acquire many currency types: Reservoir Anima, Sanctum Artisan, Sanctum Architect, and Sanctum Anima Weaver. These are obtained by completing daily quests in Heart of the Forest.

The questline to unlock access to the Transport Network starts here at 1:10:29 with the quest: Silence in the Stalks. Skip the part where I try to kill a disguised N’Zoth rare elite (who is bugged/no loot), and resume at 1:30:32.

Once you complete the questline, the Mushroom creature is going to build a Mushroom Ring in the chamber beneath the Heart of the Forest’s Flightmaster.

When you stand on the Mushroom Ring, a spell button shows up onscreen. Click it to teleport into the Ring. Marasmius the mushroom is there, surrounded by 11 smaller mushrooms.

Standing next to each of these mushrooms will show the spell button. Clicking that button will teleport you to the location displayed in text when you hover the cursor over that mushroom.

The image below shows you the Ardenweald Map. I marked with a gear icon the location that corresponds to each of the Ardenweald Travel Network’s destinations. However, all of these are enabled when you get the Sanctuary’s Travel Network upgraded up to Tier 3.

The video below shows you how to use the Travel Network and I teleport to all of the 11 destinations.

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