On the heels of Micky Neilson’s recent tweet, indeed, Blizzard Entertainment is posting each day a new video of the Burdens of Shaohao. The six-part story of the Burdens of Shaohao will be posted every day until Friday.

This series is based on the story from the Lorewalkers scrolls scattered around the continent of Pandaria. You can check out our video archive here.

In a new series of six dramatic shorts, we travel back to the time of the last pandaren emperor, a golden age before the land was enveloped by mist.

Fearing for the future of his people, Emperor Shaohao sought out the Jade Serpent, Spirit of Wisdom, for council. He struggled to find meaning and fell into Doubt. Would the emperor triumph over his inner demons? Watch “The Burdens of Shaohao Part One: Doubt” to find out.