The different goals reached with the help of the Community

What is the Con?

The Con before the Storm is a free special event organized by the team behind World of Podcasts that takes place this year at Anaheim on November 5th,  the night before Blizzcon start and it featured :

  • Expert Panelists from the fan community
  • Fan art exhibit where every piece of art is given away at the end of the night (last year, they had 200 unique art prints).
  • Green screen photo booth
  • A place to play video games (A Hearthstone tournament was organized last year)
  • Prizes!

The Con Before the Storm event will be held at the Hilton hotel, near the Anaheim Convention center.


Special Guests

With more than 3000 people attending last year edition of the Con, you can be sure to meet a lot of people passionate as you (or even more!) who knows who will attend this year but with the strong community sense behind this I’m pretty sure that if you are looking for someone attending BlizzCon, you might seem him/her there!

If you want to check who from the community is attending to the event, you can check on the official website.





How can I help them?

For an event that is free to anyone attending its difficult to manage thousands of fans, but you can still help them on Kickstarter! The original goal was $5000, but with the devotion of the fans, it increased until to reach $16,500 at the time I’m writing those lines. New goals were added to let backers get some sweet loot!

The project fundraising will stop on .


Support the Con before the Storm on Kickstarter!


You can be sure that if you can’t attend to this community event we will be there to cover it and maybe it will bring enough your geeky attention so you will come next year!

Benjamin Vogt

French Editor working for the World of Warcraft section of Blizzplanet since March 2014.

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