Update: All 5 videos are now live. These are exploration videos of the Jade Foresst (Pandaria). In these videos, I ride for nearly two hours throughout the zone showing you the Hozu, Jinyu, Pandaren and Mogu villages, landscapes, temples and ruins.

As a priest, I will also use mind vision for a close up view of some NPC and bestiary models. Be warned these videos are unedited and around 15 minutes each. The map is opened often to show you where the sights correspond to.

Exploration # 1 (of 5)

Exploring north to south from the Wreck of the Sky Shark, Fort Grookin (Hozu village), up to the Nectarbreeze Orchard. More videos will be announced via Twitter, Facebook and Google +. Hope you enjoy them. Available in 720HD and 1080HD (1.73GB)

Exploration # 2

Exploring Nectarbreeze Orchard, Wayward Landing (Alliance starting point), Moonwater Retreat and Glassfin Village (Jinyu).

Exploration # 3

In this video, I explore the Glassfin Village (Jinyu), the Jade Temple Grounds, and The Dawn Bridge. I used mind vision on an armored Jinyu, and a flying serpent mount.

Exploration # 4

In this video, I explore the northern area of the Jade Temple Grounds, the Arboretum (where players may find the serpent mount vendor, and Serpent rider race officiator NPC), Dawn’s Bloosom (pandaren village), The Silkwood, Central Bamboo Forest, Jade Witch Hut, The Gong of Hope, Thunderpaw Peak, Thunderpaw Refuge, and the Chun Tian Monastery.

During the video, I tell viewers where to find an NPC named Brewmaster Blanche who is planned to give a quest that triggers a PvE Scenario. She’s found at the bridge leading to the Thunderpaw Peak — not far from the Chun Tian Monastery.

Exploration # 5

The final video tours you through the Chun Tian Monastery. The pandaren kite taxi mount. The Emperor’s Omen has a massive mural artwork telling some sort of prophecy of the Pandaren’s future, which is now the present. It shows an era of peace and discipline, an era of war clashing pandaren against pandaren, and the era of the Sha as a consequence.

I ride through the Jade mines (Greenstone Quarry), the Tidemist Thicket, Owen’s Wishing Well, Ruins of Gan Shi (Mogu ruins), Seat of the Spirit Waker, Woods of the Lost, Sha La Village (massive Mogu statue on the coast wall) and the Windless Isle.