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A portal opens up and Thrall and Lady Sylvanas appear on the crossroads in the outskirts of Lordaeron Ruins’ gate. This seems to be a phase-technology gap. The Undercity is nigh empty with corpses everywhere.

The first you see when taking the portal is Thrall, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner and Vol’jin on their mounts at the crossroads leading to the gates of the Lordaeron City Ruins. Two portals from Orgrimmar continually replenish new Kor’kron Elite guards who immediately engage in combat toward the inner-courtyard. Two Orcish catapults keep fire siege on the city.

Warsong Battleguard: How could we not have seen this coming, to think a Dreadlord could be trusted!  Prepare for battle, it looks like the Apothecarium already has their Blight aimed at the entrance!


Vol’jin: Let me get you up to speed, (name).

Undercity is a war-zone.  Putress’ apothecaries and Varimathras’ demons have seized control.  They’ve taken a defensive position inside and are using that damned blight against our troops.

Onscreen on the top corner is displayed: “The enemy controls the Undercity! 5 minutes until the battle for the Undercity begins!


The entirety of the Undercity is controlled by Varimathras.  Our soldiers stand ready, waiting for the Warchief to give the attack orders.

Help the Horde take back the Undercity and earn your place among our greatest champions!  Should you survive the assault, report to Thrall.

Check in with the Warchief when you are ready to begin.

(Assist Thrall and Sylvanas in retaking the Undercity for the Horde.)

Report to Thrall should you succeed.

Thrall: Are you ready to begin the assault and win back the Undercity for the Horde, (name)?

You: I am ready, Warchief.

Warsong Battleguard: Forward to glory, Orcs!

Demolitionist: We’re taking it back!

(5 minutes until the Battle for the Undercity begins!)

Thrall: HEROES OF THE HORDE. YOUR WARCHIEF CALLS! Gather behind me at the gates of the Undercity!  Soon we march upon our fallen city and reclaim it – FOR THE HORDE!

The elements are with us in force, (name).  With their help, we will do all that is in our power to stop Varimathras and Putress! LOK’TAR OGAR!

Blood and thunder, champions of the Horde!  We fight on this day for our fallen brothers and sisters!  Mourn them not for they all died with honor in their hearts!

Though we face great conflict, our might combined shall obliterate those who would oppose us!  The grave injustices committed against the Horde will be met by an unstoppable force of reckoning!

Demolitionist: We’ll burn it to the ground before giving it to you!  This one is for Saurfang!

Thrall: The battle for the Undercity begins now!  Sound the horns of war!  Champions of the Horde, be empowered by the might of your Warchief! ONWARD!  Great wind brother, clear our path!  You must answer to the elements, demon!

Note: The Horde and you get irradiated by thunder from the sky, debuffing you with the Warchief’s Blessing: Be bathed in the power of the Warchief!  Drink in his might!  Battle for the glory of the Horde.

Thrall, Sylvannas and Vol’jin march to the entrance of the Ruins of Lordaeron and dismount. Thrall calls upon the elements to clear his path. Tornadoes push the poisonous blight clouds away. Upon reaching the courtyard gardens Varimathras phases-in to mock Thrall.

Thrall: You must answer to the elements demon!

Varimathras: Welcome to my kingdom of darkness!  Did you enjoy my minion’s terrible creation? Potent, is it not?  But enough prattling!  You wish to reclaim your city?  Come then, heroes!  Your souls will fuel the host!  You will have this place back in pieces!

Thrall: Great water spirit, wash away this corruption!

Note: A huge water tide emerges in front of Thrall washing away every Undead and blight on its path from the courtyard to the throne room bridge in real-time as Varimathras escapes through a shadow portal.

Thrall: ATTACK!

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Quests TranscriptVideos | Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6