At the end of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the Dragon Aspects expended their “Aspect” powers in order to defeat Deathwing with the help of Thrall and the raid heroes. At that moment, Alexstrasza proclaimed the “Dawn of the Age of Mortals” had begun.

An age where there are no longer aspects to protect Azeroth from evil forces from beyond and below.

Ever since, the dragonflights have disbanded and gone their separate ways roaming the world. Except there is a problem… Blizzard hasn’t capitulated on this through three expansions. Sure we have seen individual dragons go solo on quests like Kairoz machinating how to change the timeline by using Garrosh. We have seen Chromie do her thing. We have seen at least one red dragon in Battle for Azeroth in Drustvar. But there is no much to account for dragons mingling in the Dawn of the Age of Mortals after Deathwing’s defeat.

Dragon Allied Race



With no Aspect to lead each dragonflight, and as seen from the point of view of Kalecgos, each dragonflight has disbanded and gone their separate ways. Thus, each dragon should have been roaming the world, some probably using their mortal disguise, mingling with mortal races, and learning to be mortal themselves.

Krasus was the true model for all the dragonflights who now face the dilemma of being mortal. Like Krasus, they must now accept their mortality and lack of leadership. The dragons must accept they are not as powerful as they once were, but they still have duty to perform in protecting the world of Azeroth. The dragons must accept they can no longer carry out that task alone by themselves.

Thus, as Krasus, they must live among the mortal races. Help where they can. Earn their trust, and likewise, gain the mortals’ trust in a symbiotic way.

There is one thing, however. As individual dragons, each must choose how best to carry out their former duties as a blue dragon, as a red dragon, as a green dragon, as a bronze dragon… as a black dragon.

Thus, players should be able to unlock the Dragon Allied Race. Once on the character creation screen, press the Allied Race tab. Click on the Dragon icon. 5 choices should pop up: Red, Blue, Green, Bronze, or Black.

Dragon Allied Race


Choose the Class. After customization options, I launch the game playing as my choice of a Dragon Allied Race. Drakonid form is the default form.

The dragon allied race could switch to full-drake size maybe as a racial ability instead, where you do damage as the dragonflight you chose: fire breath cone that does damage to enemies and heals allies (red) — think of how Alexstrasza switches from high elf to full red dragon in Heroes of the Storm as a trait; sand blast/dragon’s breath/time trap (bronze); blizzard or arcane explosion (blue); sleep or phasing (green); or lava earthquake (black).

Similar to druids, a Dragon Allied Race should switch to Drake form to fly (optional).

You level up like any other Allied Race from level 20. However, for the sake of the Dragon Allied Race, at the end of the intro quests you stand before your dragonflight leader: Kalecgos, Alexstrasza, Itharius, Chromie, or Nalice.

At that point, I propose that the Dragon Allied Race should be the first Allied Race to be able to choose like the Pandaren race. Pick a faction: Alliance or Horde.


Once you choose a faction, you gain a humanoid form button (which does the same function of the Worgen’s Two Forms spell, and you can switch back to drakonid form (default form). The Race of the humanoid form should be, in my opinion, a fixed race depending what dragonflight you started as.

Something like this, but not necessarily these choices.

  • RED: Human/Blood Elf
  • BLUE: Draenei/Troll
  • GREEN: Night Elf/Tauren
  • BRONZE: Gnome/Goblin
  • BLACK: Dwarf/Undead

Remember, as Worgen you start as a human. After completing the intro quests you are infested with the Curse of the Worgen, and even so you don’t gain the Two Forms spell to switch to Human form until level 11 during the quest Neither Human Nor Beast. So it is natural that you start as a Dragon/Drakonid, then after the intro quests — as with the Pandaren — you choose your faction, and that enables access to the races of that faction (i.e. If you chose Alliance: Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Night Elf, etc.)


A twist to this concept: what if the humanoid form switch could have more than one option… the dragon allied race could be able to switch to any form of all races of that faction, considering dragons are shapeshifters.


Better yet… if you switch to Human form, gain its racial traits while in that form. If you switch to Dwarf, gain its racial traits while in that form. So on with the other race forms.

After choosing your faction, you visit Stormwind or Orgrimmar to pledge your allegiance to that faction, and start the level 20-120+ grind.



The dragons aren’t extinct, and they should have started to mingle with the mortal races as fellow mortals. Some likely turned to evil, like Kairoz demonstrated, filled with anger against the mortal races for what could be seen as shading blame for what happened in the Maelstrom, while others who disbanded from their dragonflight still feel the need to carry out their dragonflight duty now as a mortal… among other mortals.

Helping them, as well as seeking their help in a symbiotic way to defend Azeroth.

It is time to leave the arrogant ways of the past, and to learn to live as a mortal. To teach the lesser races. To pass on their wisdom. To treat the lesser races as equals.