This is a story that has been explained a few times to those who have asked after they have seen Deadwind Pass, and the great tower of Karazhan that stands alone within it.

However, it is always welcome to tell the tale again for those who have not heard it yet. A dark tale. A grim tale. The story of a place of horrors.

Karazhan, within the Deadwind Pass, was not as it is today… even four years ago. A dark and evil presence has come to Karazhan and the Deadwind Pass, a presence that has cursed the very land, and brought the dead to life without aid of any Plagues. The only living things within the Pass are the giant carrion birds, like great shadows on the sky, and a very hardy tribe of Ogres that have no fear of even the Dead that walk in Karazhan. The Ogres, perhaps, even pay homage to whatever rules the Tower.

Karazhan rests at a nexus of ley energies that give the site of the tower incredible power. Magical power is augmented at this site, and that is why it was chosen by the last of the Guardians of Tirisfal to be his home. Or did Karazhan chose Medivh? It is hard to tell, with the strange energies that exist at that place.

Karazhan, for many years, has a power all its own. It could show those within it visions of the Future… or the Past… and of things that might or might not be. Prophecy was Karazhan’s power, and Medivh liked the power this afforded his studies.

Even then, however, Medivh was possessed. His mother, Aegwyn, was the one who fought and slew the body of the Dark Titan himself. No other mortal could ever have done this, and it is hard to imagine how Aegwyn even accomplished this feat… for Sargeras’ power was beyond measure in his full form. However, though his body died, it is much harder then that to kill a Titan.

The Dark Titan’s spirit enter Aegwyn, and into her very womb did he go. He waited there for the child that would eventually be conceived, and took possession of the boy. Medivh’s life up to his death was a constant struggle between himself and Sargeras.

Sargeras, the Dark Titan, overcame him time and time again.

Sargeras tried to make Medivh kill his own mother, but the will within Medivh refused, and he instead banished her to somewhere… no one knows. Perhaps far, far from this world entire. Wherever she went, she lives on… likely mourning for the son she lost.

It was by Sargeras’ command that Medivh created the Dark Portal and brought the Orcs forth onto Azeroth. To break the cycle and set himself free… this was the goal of both Medivh and Sargeras.

However, the Sword of Auduin Lothar found its mark in the heart of Medivh. This tale is told in much further detail in book, The Last Guardian.

Karazhan, as it stands now, is not as it was. When Medivh returned from Death as the Prophet, he absorbed from Karazhan all the powers of Prophecy that it once had. The tower was rendered inert, its prophetic might removed. He abandoned Karazhan then, having no further use for it.

However, someone else took over in his stead.

Karazhan remains a site of great and terrible power. A nexus of Ley Energies rivaled only by the now destroyed Sunwell. It is a place where Magic itself can come alive. The power of Prophecy is gone… but who knows what could fill the void the power left in its wake.

Many rumors persist about what has cursed the land, what killed and animated the townsfolk in the ruins of the village at Karazhan’s feet. It could have been a dark and powerful Lich in service to the Lich King… or it could be a sect of Dreadlords that escaped the culling after the second invasion of the Legion.

Or, like Medivh, Sargeras could also still be alive.

His soul, persistent as always, could have returned to the site of his years of plotting and experimentation. Sargeras could easily, even in Spirit, corrupt the land and take possession of Karazhan. He is a TITAN, as near to a GOD as anything that currently walks the world. His body, sans his eye, may be entombed in the islands off the coast of Kalimdor… but his Spirit might still linger, and be doing terrible things within the now empty halls of Karazhan.

It could be that by removing the power of Prophecy from Karazhan, Medivh opened the door for Sargeras to gain full control of the power of Karazhan that remained. Why did Medivh not foresee this?

Perhaps he did. Perhaps he tried to go to Karazhan to stop this after Archimonde’s destruction. Perhaps Medivh is locked up in his former home, held by the being that possessed him for so many years.

Or perhaps Medivh’s time on this earth ended when Archimonde died… and he could to nothing but pass on, though Sargeras remained.

Many dark stories flow from Karazhan of terrible events and dark creatures. Dark Riders have been seen as far as Duskwood, and an artifact known as the Scythe of Elune was claimed by them and taken back to the tower. The artifact possesses the power to summon the Worgen to this world… and if you have studied anything about the Worgen, you know they to be perfect allies for Sargeras. This artifact has also maintained the unnatural darkness over Duskwood for many, many months… if Sargeras possesses this item… there is no telling what harm he might do with it.

There is a new theory that has come to light. A theory that has caught many ears and hearts, and filled minds with horror and fear. If it is not the Ghost of Sargeras within Karazhan, then it could be this being that all members of the Alliance learned to fear during the second war. A being that was one of the original Orcish Death Knights under the service of Gul’dan. A being that was a Warlock and Necromancer of TERRIBLE power.

His name was Teron Gorefiend.

Rumors of a pale horse riding from the Dark Portal spread across the land. Rumors that upon that horse was a shrouded rider, and that horse was as dead as stone. And, even the Demons quailed at its passage.

Within that shroud was a being that commanded the Orcish Death Knights during the Second War… within that shroud is a being who very well COULD awaken the dead from their long slumber.

A mind of cunning and magic as keen as Medivh’s is in that shrouded cowl. He knew of Karazhan and Medivh. He was likely one of Gul’dan’s party who met with Medivh to seal the deal and help in opening the Dark Portal. His knowledge of the undead would rival the Lich King’s.

He also bears no love for Ner’zhul, wanting his own dominion and his own glory. And his origins do not originate from the Plague that made Undead in the rest of the world. The Lich King holds no sway over him or anything made by him… undead or otherwise.

He was never accounted for by the forces that raided Draenor. No record of his death or destruction was ever found. It is very possible he could have survived the sundering of Draenor.

Teron Gorefiend could have rode into the abandoned Karazhan… and taken over when Medivh left off.

Think of him sitting upon his skeletal horse, and in his hand the Scythe of Elune, and around him legions of howling Worgen.

Such is the stuff of Nightmare.

Other then these theories, Karazhan remains a mystery still. All attempts to enter it have failed. The dead bar the way with power as great as the strongest of Adventurers.

When Karazhan does open… be it Scourge or Demon, Teron Gorefiend or Sargeras himself within it… one thing is for certain…

No one will be safe from what lies inside the Cursed Tower of the Magus Medivh, Karazhan.

by Ghostwalkar

Level 60 Troll Shaman

Guild:  Lordaeron Intelligence

Realm:  Argent Dawn