1. Windstones, Elementals, and Epics

Here’s a guide to some stuff in Silithus that you may or may not know about.

There are 3 twilight hammer camps in Silithus each with Lesser, normal, and Greater Windstones in them. They display a ‘use’ icon when you mouse over them, however if you activate one unprepared, it will zap you with lightning. And yes, it will kill you if you are dumb and try it enough times. :p

General Info


Each of the stones will summon an Abyssal Elemental. What they drop depends on which one you summon. All of the stones require, at minimum, the Twilight Trappings Set. This is a 3 piece cloth armor set with a head, shoulder, and chest piece. They have no stats, and the set bonus only allows you to interact with Windstones. They have about a 1/5 drop rate off the twilight cultists, don’t bother buying them off the AH unless you’re really lazy, you can farm a full set in about 15 minutes.

Set :



Important Note Using the Twilight Set, Medallion of Station, or the Ring of Lordship to activate any of the windstones will consume the 3 armor pieces, medallion, and or ring! If you fail to kill the elemental and he despawns, you will NOT get the pieces back, broken or otherwise. So don’t do it unless you are prepared to take down whichever boss you are summoning.


Objects of Beckoning


If you complete the quest to collect 10 Encrypted Twilight Texts, and turn them in to the NPC in the cave, INSTEAD of turning them in to the NPC in town, you will recieve a letter in the mail a few hours later.


In the mail you get a bag, the bag can contain various crafting schematics, as well as some scrolls that will allow you to create beckoning objects.

Crests of Beckoning are used on Lesser Windstones.

Signets of Beckoning are used on normal Windstones.

Scepters of Beckoning are used on Greater Windstones.

Each of they Scrolls require various regents, ranging from 1-20 elemental air/earth/fire, herbalism plants, truesilver rods, and Dark Runes.


The purpose of the Objects of Beckoning are to enable you to summon a specific type of elemental from the stones. For the Lesser stones this is kind of pointless, the Templars loot tables are mostly the same between all 4 types. For the Dukes and higher, this can be useful, as each drops a different object. It takes quite a bit of time to aquire the materials to summon a Duke or a Lord, so this may be worthwhile.

Lesser Windstones


The Lesser stones summon a Templar, a 60 elite that can be taken down easily by a group of 2-3. The only thing required here is the Twilight Set. Be sure to bring a healer of some sort, they hit for ~700. There are 4 possible Templars that can be summoned, which one is summoned is random. Each will drop an Abyssal Crest, and there’s a good chance that it will drop a random BoE green item. They can drop blues, but the chance to do so is only slightly higher than any other random NPC.

Azure Templar – Water


Crimson Templar – Fire


Earthern Templar – Earth


Hoary Templar – Air


Normal Windstones


The “normal” windstones (they just say “Wind Stone”, no Lesser or Greater) require a Twilight Set, plus a Medallion of Station. The medallion is a neckpiece, which is aquired by bringing 3 Abyssal Crests to the NPC near the mailbox along with a Large Brilliant Shard. This quest is repeatable, however it requires Friendly reputation before it becomes available. All you need are 3 Crests and the shard to get another one.


Wearing the Set and the Medallion allows you to activate the Windstone, which will summon a Duke. These are level 62 elites, and can be taken by a group of 5 if everyone knows what they’re doing. If you’re doing this with a pickup group, grab 8 or more. Each has different attacks, none are particularly difficult, although the Air elemental does use a hurricane like attack that does 400 per tick.
Each of them will drop a different BoP blue item, most of which are very nice. They will also drop a blue item called an Abyssal Signet, which you can turn in for some faction and a nice bag of random stuff.

Duke of Cynders – Fire


Duke of Fathoms – Water


Duke of Shards – Earth


Duke of Zephyrs – Air


Greater Windstones


To summon a Royal Lord, you need the Twilight Set, the Medallion of Station, plus a Ring of Lordship. The ring can be aquired via quest, same as the Medallion, however it requires Revered reputation with the CC. It takes three(3) Abyssal Signets to create a Ring. This quest is also repeatable.

The ring also drops off a rare spawn that can spawn at any of the 3 twilight camps, and wanders around the camp. If he’s not at one camp, check a different one. Even though he’s classified rare, reports have his spawn time at less than 15 minutes, although he can spawn at any one of the 3 camps.

Activating the Greater Windstone will summon a ?? (raid boss) elite that requires anywhere from 30-40 people to defeat. There are four different ones and each one drops a different epic. It is not a 100% chance to drop an epic, but it’s pretty high, somewhere around 70%. If not an epic, then you’ll get a blue.

They also drop Abyssal Scepters


These can be turned in for rep with the Cenarion Circle, same as the crests and rings. However it’s plausible that these can be used to summon a still more powerful entity, however this is still speculation, nobody has discovered any quest or object that would lend credit to this theory. It’s also possible that they could be used in the next patch to help open the gates of Ahn’Quiraj

High Marshal Whirlaxis (Air)


Windshear Cape


Prince Skaldrenox (Fire)


Elemental Focus Band


Baron Kazum (Earth)—Thottbot has no info here


Earthern Guard


Lord Skwol


Wavefront Necklace



Thanks to Lauran and Fates Requium, here’s a video of some fights with the Royals.


By Tetera

Level 60 Night Elf Druid

Guild:  Erinynes

Realm:  Firetree