The Valley of the Four Winds has a Nagrand vibe to it, with some exotic areas. The food and brew of the Pandaren nation is cultivated here.

The first place to visit after the Jade Serpent flies you into the Valley of the Four Winds is Pang’s Stead, and the Thunderfoot Acres. Players have to help get rid of the Virmen (Kobold-like vermin) who steal the fruit and vegetable produce.

This zone is a paradise for leatherworkers with so many beasts roaming the valley.

Sunsoaked Meadow is west of Pang’s Stead. There are three massive holes on the ground which lead into the underground cave system of the Virmen. This area also has Mushan Nomads (Kodo-like beasts) Longfang Howler (wolves) and Tawnyhide Stags.

Until Blizzard fixes the turtles near this area, I’d recommend players to steer clear of the Wyrmhorn Turtles. They are the cause of client crashes. Some beta testers claimed they crashed about twice per turtle killed for a quest. You don’t need to fight one to crash. Just being in the vicinity causes the crash. I’m assuming it’s a texture issue or special effect. Someone suggested it’s the Mushan’s stomp what causes the crashes. Another player reported lowering graphics down from Ultra to good allowed him to complete the quest without a crash.

The Gilded Fan is sort of like Wetlands. There are Glade Hunters which look like exotic flamingos. I was curious at the Gilded Fan and fished the pools. Not sure if the fish loot table will be adjusted later, but as right now I fished Emperor Salmon and Golden Carp. Both sell for 25 silver each at the vendor. Four = 1 gold (Rad!).

Between the Fruit Fields and the Halfhill, the Verdant Belt is a stable where Pandaren raise Shaghorn mounts, Buckskin (Horses) and Yaks (used as cargo transporters).

North of the Thunderfoot Acres is a path to climb the mountain through stairs. Near the top is a small house with a flightmaster, and behind the house are there pandaren in a jacuzzim. The path leads to Vale of Eternal Blossoms and to Kun-Lai Summit.

Halfhill has a flightmaster, and probably Cook trainers. The area is full of beasts anyway for recipes.

The Silkmasters is a silk farm. There’s a massive mutated moth players will have to help local pandaren kill. Some moths and larva can be seen in the area.

The Grand Granary has lots of grain piles currently stolen by two threats: sprites and eagles.

The Stormstout Brewery seems to have a raid dungeon and a few 5-man dungeon. I could click on at least four doors, but there’s no dungeon swirl to zone in.

Nesingwary’s Safari on the far southwest corner has father and son as quest givers. As usual they ask you to kill 15 of this and 15 of that. Argh, I hate Nesi quests.

The Opaquan Hollow is a very interesting-looking jungle infested by Mist Incarnations. Their models have the same animation as the Zangarmarsh Fungal Giant, but they look creepier with emo haircuts and a single big eye.

The Stoneplow is the like the Chinese big wall. The Pandaren Shado-pan are containing the breach of Mantid coming from the Dread Wastes. The Mantid models are currently placeholders using the Ahn’kahet nerubian model and Ahn’Qiraj Battleguard Sartura-like model.

To the south, I found a pandaren that allows players to descend the tall cliff into Krasaran Wilds (currently off-limits). I also noticed areas high in the mountain that might only be accesible at level 90 when players can train to fly in Pandaria.

On the northeast corner there’s a path that leads to a raid dungeon. Looks like a Mogu fortress.