Duncan Jones & Legendary Pictures’ WARCRAFT (The Movie) HD Digital version will be available on September 13th (Today). The physical WARCRAFT BLU-Ray will ship on September 27th. Pre-order it now with its 43% discount.

CORRECTION: After chatting with a customer service representative, I learned that you can watch the WARCRAFT movie today ONLY if you pre-ordered or purchase the WARCRAFT HD Digital version as a stand-alone — (valued at $14.99). It can be streamed to PC/Mac, Kindle devices, XBox One/360, PS4/PS3, Roku and other devices.

If you pre-ordered the WARCRAFT (BLU-Ray/DVD/HD Digital) version for $19.99 — then you must wait until the shipping date: September 27th. Then redeem the digital code (coming inside the BLU-RAY/DVD) to watch the HD Digital version. So you won’t be able to stream the HD Digital version in the Blu-Ray until Sept 27.