TOKYOPOP announced World of Warcraft: Shadow Wing Vol. 2, Nexus Point will be on sale March 8, 2011. This manga, by New York Times Best Selling Author Richard A. Knaak, continues the story of paladin Jorad Mace and the blue dragon Tyrigosa from the pages of Warcraft: The Sunwell. After their incursion into Outland, they find the nether dragons and bring them to the Nexus (Malygos’ lair). Pre-order this manga here.

Ragnok Bloodreaver leads his fel orc and nether dragon army to the Outland Gates. Tyri reveals to Zzeraku the true origins of the nether dragons, in that they were the offspring of Deathwing, the monstrous dragon aspect. Jorad and Valwar see Ragnok approaching and go warn the alliance of the pending attack. A great battle ensues, with Tyri, Valoku and Zaeraku joining the fight.

Jorad kills Ragnok, and nether dragons travel through the portal to Northrend. But after bathing in the energies of the Nexus, Zzeraku gives the order for the nether dragons to attack the blue dragons. Malygos awakens and absorbs the nether dragons. Tyri and Jorad return to Outland; Tyri finds another clutch of nether eggs and decides to stay in Outland to protect them.