Obtaining a Violet Proto-Drake can be more inspiring and hard to achieve than any of the other Proto-Drake Mounts.  It not only takes a helluva time to acquire, but a lot of persistence and dedication.  In order to acquire a Violet Proto-Drake you must complete all World Events achievements … year-round.  Each of the world events have their own level of difficulty.  Each world event has a lot of achievement requirements to obtain a world event achievement.  For example, the Lunar Festival sends you in a merry long trip throughout all Azeroth to search for the elders of Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend … and the elders of dungeons.  That takes a lot of hours to do, not counting the countless of hours of boredom taking flightpaths and riding around.

Thankfully, for many players, including myself, the long wait is over.  This year’s Brewfest was the final world event for many who engaged this series of world events achievements by the time achievements were introduced.  Some who had started world events prior to the introduction of achievements systems got them already credited. Lucky those who completed the Hallow’s End 2008. It was credited. Congratulations to everyone who got the Violet Proto-Drake during the Brewfest World Event.