What Must Be Done

Farseer Urquan: I believe we have seen this demonic corruption your friends speak of.

The mother of wolves has not been herself lately. Now, her pack has her surrounded.

The wolves are protecting our hunters and will not let them near. They’re not likely to stop you, though.

If the alpha mother is infected with this fel-energy, then she must be put down.

You would greatly honor the Frostwolves by returning with her corpse and giving it a proper burial.


Quest Objectives

Collect the Mother of Wolf’s corpse and bury it at the graveyard outside of northern Throm’var.




Farseer Urquan: Please be swift and merciful. The Mother of Wolves is the true victim here.

(Mother of Wolves buried: 1/1)


Throm’var Hunter: Rest well, honored mother. You will be avenged.




Khadgar: Unfortunate that there are those that would pervert such noble creatures.

You have honored their family once more, (name). They will not forget.

Now it is time to take the fight directly to the Shadow Council.


Return to the main hub for Frostfire Ridge (Horde Quests) in Warlords of Draenor, or continue the Gul’dan in Frostfire Questline.

1.Safe Passage7.To Capture Gul'dan
2.What Must Be Done8.Desecration of the Dead
3.Eye Need That9.A Clew of Worms
4.All is Revealed10.The Sleeper has Awakened
5.Have a Heart11.Stop the Flow
6.The Fel Crystals12.Eliminate the Shadow Council