Stop the Flow

Cordana Felsong: The Shadow Council down in the boneyard are going to have magic circles. It’s not enough to simply kill them, we also have to eliminate their infernal devices.

If you destroy the circles, you’ll stop the flow of demons they’re summoning to inhabit the bones of the dead.


Quest Objectives

Destroy 7 Summoning Circles.




Cordana Felsong: It sounds like they’ve conjured demonic eye sentries. Be careful down there.

Necrophyte: The darkness comes!

Necrophyte: Your soul will be consumed!

Necrophyte: The Council’s will be done!

Necrophyte: Time to die, (class)!



Cordona Felsong: We should have killed them all at the Dark Portal in the beginning and damn consequences.


Return to the main hub for Frostfire Ridge (Horde Quests) in Warlords of Draenor, or continue the Gul’dan in Frostfire Questline.

1.Safe Passage7.To Capture Gul'dan
2.What Must Be Done8.Desecration of the Dead
3.Eye Need That9.A Clew of Worms
4.All is Revealed10.The Sleeper has Awakened
5.Have a Heart11.Stop the Flow
6.The Fel Crystals12.Eliminate the Shadow Council