Eye Need That

Archmage Khadgar: The Mother of Wolves was infected with demonic magic. The Shadow Council must have hoped to spread the corruption to the other frost wolves and then to Throm’var.

The hunters are reporting they’ve seen glowing green eyes down in the Icescar Boneyard to the west. We both know what that means.

I have an idea… we’re going to use the Shadow Council’s “eyes” against them to reveal their base. All we need is the lead warlock’s All-Seiing Ring.


Quest Objectives

Collect the All-Seeing Ring from Ogzor the Necrothurge.




Archmage Khadgar: With the warlock’s magic device, you and I will spy upon the Shadow Council.

Ogzor the Necrothurge: You’re just in time, sacrifice!

(Ogzor the Necrothurge slain: 1/1)

All-Seeing Ring: Khadgar has an idea for how to use this fel-powered ring to pinpoint the Shadow Council’s base of operation.”



Archmage Khadgar: Yes, this will do nicely. Let’s use the Shadow Council’s magic against them.


Return to the main hub for Frostfire Ridge (Horde Quests) in Warlords of Draenor, or continue the Gul’dan in Frostfire Questline.

1.Safe Passage7.To Capture Gul'dan
2.What Must Be Done8.Desecration of the Dead
3.Eye Need That9.A Clew of Worms
4.All is Revealed10.The Sleeper has Awakened
5.Have a Heart11.Stop the Flow
6.The Fel Crystals12.Eliminate the Shadow Council