Eliminate the Shadow Council

Cordana Felsong: Those ruins are going to be full of Shadow Council flunkies. We can’t afford to let them scatter all over Draenor once you’ve dealt with Gul’dan.

No, we need to eliminate every one of them down to the last orc.


Quest Objectives

Kill 12 Shadow Council members at the Ruins of Ata’gar.




Cordana Felsong: Every Shadow Council creep we kill now is one less headache later.

Ata’gar Warrior: Get that (class)!

Shadow Disciple: Kill the outsider!

Chained Victim: The pain!

Chained Victim: …kill …me.

Ata’gar Warrior: Destroy the (class)!

Ata’gar Warrior: Lok-Narash!



Cordana Felsong: Necessary business. We don’t dare risk letting them grow more powerful.


Return to the main hub for Frostfire Ridge (Horde Quests) in Warlords of Draenor, or continue the Gul’dan in Frostfire Questline.

1.Safe Passage7.To Capture Gul'dan
2.What Must Be Done8.Desecration of the Dead
3.Eye Need That9.A Clew of Worms
4.All is Revealed10.The Sleeper has Awakened
5.Have a Heart11.Stop the Flow
6.The Fel Crystals12.Eliminate the Shadow Council