The purpose of this World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade (only) Easter Eggs Database is to gather peculiar NPC names, locations, items, emotes, and such, which catch the player’s attention toward a possible hidden pop culture reference. Fans enjoy finding these throughtout the game. Sometimes make you go “whoa? I recognize that!”, followed by a giggle and a sense of accomplishment. Most of these easter eggs or pop culture references are fan-submited and may be inaccurate. Feel free to submit new easter eggs or corrections. For Classic World of Warcraft easter eggs go Here.



1. NPC: Amilya Airheart (Wind Rider Master)
Hellfire Peninsula – Spinebreaker Post
Reference: Amelia Earhart – famous Aviator who tragically disappeared in a flight over the pacific ocean in 1937
2. NPC: Haris Pilton (Socialite)
Shattrath City – World’s End Tavern

Haris Pilton has a wolf pet named Tinkerbell

Reference: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has a puppy pet chihuahua named Tinkerbell in real life. (Photo)

Her chihuahua dog is the canine co-star of The Simple Life (TV Reality-Show). Tinkerbell is also the name of a pixie in Disney World’s Peter Pan.

—Thanks, Tabby

3. Object: Airplane crash with snakes inside
Nagrand – Nesingwary Camp

Additional Screenshot

Reference: Snakes on a Plane (2006)
4. NPC: Adam Eternum (Arathi Basin Battlemaster)
Shattrath City – Terrace of Light on the Lower City side.

Additional Screenshot

Reference: Masters of the Universe (1982) – Prince Adam is He-Man from planet Eternia.
The NPC in Shattrath City wears the same clothes of He-Man, and next to the NPC is his Battle-Tiger, which resembles He-Man’s mount Cringer. In closed beta, this NPC was named Adam Heman, but it was changed to Adam Eternum.  Eternum was the homeworld of He-Man.  The NPC says something about a grey skull—Greyskull is the castle from where He-Man obtained his powers.

Thanks, Chris.

5. NPC: Oric Coe
Shattrath City – Terrace of Light on the Lower City side
Reference: Masters of the Universe (1982) – Orko is a magician from a parallel dimension, friend of He-Man. The NPC in Shattrath City wears a similar hat and vestiment.
6. NPC: “Dirty” Larry (Ruffian)
Shattrath City – Lower City (northeast)

Additional Screenshot

Reference: Dirty Harry (1971) – Clint Eastwood. Maybe not, but kinda. Also, “Epic” Malone is to the side of Larry. Larry Bird and Karl Malone? Stretch?
7. NPC: Keldor the Lost (Arathi Basin Battlemaster)
Shattrath City – Terrace of Light near the Lower City side
Reference: Masters of the Universe (1982) – Skeletor uses the same outfit and staff as the NPC. Keldor was the former name of Skeletor in the series.
8. NPC: Negatron
Netherstorm – near Area 52

A goblin named Doctor Vomisa Ph.T. (B.O.O.M. Experimentalist) at The Proving Grounds – on the road to the east of Area 52, before the bridge to Eco-Dome Midrealm – who gives a quest to test his robot. Suddenly, a huge Fel Reaver named Negatron shows up to battle you.

Reference: Transformers

Megatron, leader of the Decepticons.

9. NPC: Floyd Pinkus (Inkeeper)
Hellfire Peninsula – Thrallmar
Reference: Pink Floyd

—Thanks, Cramer

10. NPC: Jack Trapper (Cook)
Shattrath City – Lower City (southeast corner)
Reference: Three’s Company (Tv Show – 1977) – Jack Tripper played by actor John Ritter studied Culinary Arts at College, later worked as a full-time chef and opened his own restaurantt.
11. NPC: “King” Dond (Arena Organizer)
Nagrand – The Ring of Trials

To the far right of King Dond is an ogre named Ear-Bitter (Arena Battlemaster)

Reference: Don King – Boxing Organizer. Ear-Biter …. Mike Tyson.
12. Quest: Cruel’s Intentions
Nazgrel in Hellfire Peninsula
Reference: Cruel Intentions (Movie – 1999)
13. Item: Tenacious Defender

Inscription: “It has the power … to move you.” The item drops from Omor the Unscarred in Hellfire Citadel: Ramparts dungeon.

Reference: TENACIOUS DWonderboy Lyrics

—Thanks Yakk @ Hellfire

14. NPC: Dr. Boom & Boom Bots
Netherstorm – outside Area 52 at Camp of Boom
Reference: Marvel ComicsDr. Doom, Monarch of Latveria and his Doom Bots. Popular villain in Fantastic Four and X-Men.
15. NPC: Eyonix (Consortium Innkeeper)
Netherstorm – Stormspire
Reference: Eyonix – Blizzard CM
16. NPC: Action Jaxon (Goblin)
Netherstorm – Stormspire
Reference: Action Jackson (1988) by actor Carl Weathers
17. NPC: Professor Dabiri
Netherstorm – Protectorate Watch Post
Reference: Shane Dabiri – World of Warcraft Lead Producer
18. NPC: Mag’har Pitfighter
Nagrand – Garadar Village

He wears trousers, and no shirt. A long pony-tail. His hands are wrapped with bandage for a fight. The Mag’har Pitfighter punches and kicks a dummy. Homage to kickboxing.

Reference: Kickboxer (Film – 1989) by actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. It could also refer to Bloodsport film or Pitfighter film.
19. Item: The console to activate a teleporter to allow the Consortium to infiltrate the Mana Tombs, in the escort quest is a metallic cube, that rotates like a rubik’s cube.

Additional Screenshot

Reference: Hellraiser (Film – 1987)
20. Item: The Saga of Terokk
Terokkar Forest
Reference: The Saga of Turok – stretch?

Story about a pre-columbian Native American Dinosaur hunter. The Skettis wear Native American plume headsets and robes.

21. Location: Area 52

Description The area 52 has a rocket or attempt to a spaceship.

Reference: Area 51 – the secret base in Nevada, USA – linked to UFO conspiracy theories.
22. NPC: Netherstorm Agent
Netherstorm – Area 52

Additional Screenshot

Description: These agents wear black suits and guard the doors of Area 52. Randomly when you go through the gate, a flash of light blinds you. A debuff icon shows up saying … A-52 Neuralizer: The flash of light you did not see, did not erase your memories.

Reference: Men in Black (film – 1997)
23. Dialogue: The conversation between the goblins near the rocket in area 52 (Netherstorm). Reference: Elton John‘s song “Rocket Man.”

Read the Lyrics

Thanks, Fangodruid

24. Location: Toshley’s Station
Blade’s Edge Mountains
Reference: Star Wars (film – 1977)

In the first film Luke Skywalker complains that he wanted to go to Toshi Station when his uncle gives him chores to do. ‘—

—Thanks, Ladonus

25. NPC: Razak Ironsides
Blade’s Edge Mountains – Toshley’s Station

Razak wears an eyepatch and leads a contingent of gnomes named the “Roughbacks”, defending the station against a bug attack and utters the phrase ‘Do you want to live forever?

There is also an event there occasionally with the ravagers(bugs) in the area rushing the walls

Reference: Starship Troopers (film – 1997)

Michael Ironsides played Lt. Rasczak in the film. He led his troops, the Roughnecks, against a bug army and often shouted ‘Do you want to live forever?

—Thanks, Ladonus

26. Item: Power Converters

Inscription: “Next best thing to going to the Academy.”

Use: Destoys technological terror constructs.

Quest: Picking Up Some Power Converters

Referrence: Star Wars (film – 1977)

Luke Skywalker whinned to his uncle that he both: wanted to go to Toshi’s Station to pick up some power converters and how much Luke wanted to go to the starpilot academy, but had to stay working on the moisture farm instead.

Darth Vader said this in the film: “Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force” which is a reference to the Death Star. The cool thing about this is that when you use the Power Converter item it launches a red firework into the air that looks an awful lot like the torpedo Luke shot to destroy the Death Star.

—Thanks, Toonces, Tohlarn and Moirid @ Cho’gall

27. Quest: “Bring Me Shrubbery!
Zangarmarsh – Sporeggar
Reference: Monty Python and the Holy Grail (film – 1974)

Thanks, Snapejr, Nerro and Rashile

28. NPC: Gurgthock (Goblin)
Nagrand – Laughing Skull Ruins
Reference: named after the Guildmaster of Elitist Jerks on Mal’Ganis ( Soon to be on Nazjatar Server)

—Thanks, Tohlarn

29. Item: Stung

A sword reward given in the quest: Anok’suten by a dying blood elf.

Reference: Lord of the Rings (2001)

Frodo possessed a sword named Sting—given to him by his friend Bilbo Baggins. The sword glowed blue when in the presence of orcs.

—Thanks Ixel

30. Item: Seaforium PU-36 Explosive Nether Modulator

One of the bombs in the bombing run missions in Hellifire Peninisula.

Inscription: “Manufactured: Garvin the Goblin, Area 52”

Reference: Looney Tunes (Cartoon – 1948)

It’s named after the “Uranium Pew-36 Explosive Space Modulator” (watch video) and the supposed inventor Garvin the Goblin is named after Marvin the Martian

—Thanks, Azshanya and Tudalu

31. NPC: Coreiel
Nagrand – Halaa (when the horde runs the place)
Reference: Coreiel

A Blizzard CM on WoW Forums.

32. NPC: Zebig (goblin)
Hellfire Peninsula – Thrallmar

NPC: Lebowski (Gnome)
Hellfire Peninsula – Honor Hold

Reference: “The Big Lebowski

—Thanks, Tudalu

33. NPC: Wing Commander Dabir’ee
Hellfire Peninsula – Expedition Point
Reference: Shane Dabiri
World of Warcraft Lead Producer
34. NPC: Gargle and Gurgle
Zangarmarsh – Zabra’Jin

Twin Baby Murloc pets

Cute reference to the sounds Murlocs make.

ScarletJade believes Gargle and Gurgle might be a pop culture reference to a classic Atari game titled Bubble Bobble.  The little dragons names were Bubblun and Bobblun, and look alot like Murlocs.

Additionally, when the Murloc pets were introduced as a BlizzCon 2005 Gift Code for the event attendees, the Murlocs would randomly dance wearing a Top Hat and carrying a Cane.  This is a reference to Looney Tunes: Michigan J. Frog.

—- Thanks Tudalu and ScarletJade.

35. Item: Flintlocke’s Piloting Pants
Hellfire Peninsula – Zeppelin Crash

From the Quest: In Case of Emergency

Reference: Flintlocke’s Guide to Azeroth

A comic-strip that currently has the hapless dwarven engineer/warrior Flintlocke piloting a Blimp in the general direction of Stormwind with a highly explosive device on board… Coincidence? I think not.

—- Thanks Tudalu

36. Quest: Saving Private Imarion
Hellfire Peninsula
Reference: Saving Private Ryan (film – 1994)

—- Thanks Tudalu

37. Quest: The Heart of Darkness Reference: Heart of Darkness (Book)
38. NPC: Granny Smith
Shattrath City – Lower City

She sells every kind of fruit except….. Apples

Reference: Australian Apples named Granny Smith

—- Thanks Tudalu

39. NPC: Seymour(grand master skinner)
Shattrath City – Lower City
Reference: The Simpsons (TV Sitcom)

This is a reference to Seymour Skinner, the principal at the elementary school on The Simpsons.

—- Thanks Tudalu, Rizz @ Cenarion Circle, and Zykor

40. NPC: Manni, Moh and Jakk
Hellfire Peninsula – Hellfire NorthRampart

The quest given by Foreman Razelcraz in Thrallmar Mine (Hellfire Peninsula) called “How to Serve Goblins” has you rescuing three Goblins from the Fel Orcs. The Goblins names are:

? Manni
? Moh
? Jakk

Reference: Pep Boys (Automotive Store)

This is a reference to the American automotive store Pep Boys which was started by three guys named Manny, Moe and Jack in the 1920s

How To Serve Goblins is *also* a reference to the classic Twilight Zone episode “How To Serve Man,” which, in the episode, was the title of a book belonging to some aliens which turned out to be a cookbook.

—Thanks, Zykor ( Blood Bath and Beyond Guild) and Reitoei

41. NPC: Bill (B.O.O.M. fire marshal – Goblin)
Netherstorm – Area-52 (under one of the water towers)
Reference: Fire Marshal Bill from “In Living Color” (watch video)

—Thanks, Alicianna

42. NPC: Caregiver Ophera Windfury
Hellfire Peninsula -Temple of Telhamat
Reference: Oprah Winfrey (talk-show hostess)

– Thanks, Oysteinur

43. NPC: Drysc
Azuremist Island – Exodar

A Draenei wandering around the Exodar

Reference: Drysc is a Blizzard CM at the Wow Forums
44. Quest: The Kessel Run
Bloodmyst Isle

The NPC named Kessel offers a quest titled: The Kessel Run—where you’re given an Elekk and told to warn people of a Blood Elf attack.

Reference: Star Wars (film – 1977)

Han Solo described how he traversed the Kessel Run with the Millennium Falcon in “less than twelve parsecs.” The Kessel Run is a dangerous pathway off Planet Kessel required to jump to light speed.

45. NPC: Smiles O’Byron (Engineer)
Blade’s Edge Mountains – Toshi’s Station
Reference: Star Trek: Deep Space 9

The gnome transporter is named after Miles O’Brien from Star Trek. Coincidentially, Miles O’Brien is refered to as Smiley in the alternate timeline featured in Mirror Universe.

—Thanks, Osha and Man o’ War

46. Mob: Hai’shulud (The Bone Emperor)
Terokkar Forest – Bone Wastes

A quest titled: The Big Bone Worm sends you to summon a lvl 65 elite worm.

Reference: Dune (1984)

There was a worm named’ “Shai-Hulud” in the book/film Dune.

To new fans of Wow, Dune is an obsessive icon for Blizzard Entertainment. The first in the Warcraft RTS game series – Warcraft: Orcs and Humans – was based on the videogame Dune’s isometric tileset system. All Blizzard games have Dune-related easter eggs.

—Thanks, Ehrek

47. Race: Skettis Arakkoa
Terokkar Forest – Shattrath City
Reference: The Dark Crystal (film – 1982)

The skettis seen around the lower city in Shattrath are identical to Skeksis from the movie.

—Thanks, Metalnylah

48. The goblins at Area 52 working on the rocket are wearing golden-colored jackets with black pants Reference: Star Trek

Their jackets look similar to the engineers from Star Trek.

—Thanks, Chaparrall

49. Quest: “I shoot magic into the darkness
Bloodmyst Isle – Exodar
Reference: Dungeons & Dragons (d20)

It’s a reference to a fairly well known comedy skit about Dungeons and Dragons.

—Thanks, Kahli

50. NPC: Netherologist Coppernickels
Netherstorm – Gyroplank Bridge
Reference: Copernicus.

He studies the Netherstorm just like Copernicus studied the stars of earth.

—Thanks, Tuhalu

50. NPC: T’shu, Gzhun’tt and Khn’nix
Zangarmarsh – Sporeggar

Both stand next to each other in Sporeggar.


Reference: “Tissue”, “Geshundteit” and kleenex tissues?

Spores give allergy, therefore the names are parody names. Some Blizzard devs got humor.

—Thanks, Dovvregubben of Guild of the Chilled, Shadowsong and Beltface @ Medivh