Blizzard has surprised players with the release of World of Warcraft Patch 3.3.2 which is now available in Europe and USA servers for download. Simply launch the Launcher.exe file inside your World of Warcraft folder to initiate the automatic download.

Several changes to 5-player dungeons have been made to make dungeons quicker to go through for those who use the new LFG Queue system. This patch is very important to PvP players who have been awaiting the Season 8 who has officially started today. Gear up Rambo-style and get ready. However, keep in mind the resilience changes and the 10% healing debuff. The patch also added various class balance changes. Make sure to check those out in the patch notes so these changes don’t take you by surprise.

You can read the full 3.3.2 patch notes after the break.

World of Warcraft Client Patch 3.3.2

The latest test realm patch notes can always be found at

The latest patch notes can always be found at

Dungeons & Raids

  • Halls of Stone
    • Brann Bronzebeard has been getting into shape and now feels comfortable walking faster when escorted.
  • The Forge of Souls

    • The Devourer of Souls will now cast Mirrored Souls less often.  The Spell Reflect ability has been altered on several creatures. It now has a cast time, only has 2 charges, and has a 75% chance of reflecting spells.
  • The Nexus

    • Anomalus will now use the Create Rift ability only once, down from 3
  • The Old Kingdom

    • Elder Nadox now only gets one Ahn