Blizzard Developers have always been known for their easter eggs and humor. The fountain located on the southwest of Dalaran, by the Alliance bank area, can be the source of some funny findings. You would require fishing tradeskill. These are at least eight of the coins you can find there from famous Warcraft characters: Aegwynn, Prince Arthas, King Terenas Menethil, Stalvan, Tirion Fordring, Alleria, and … Teron Gorefiend.

For those who played Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal or have read World of Warcraft: Beyond the Dark Portal (pocket book), Teron Gorefiend was sent by Ner’zhul to Azeroth to retrieve three artifacts of power: the Scepter of Sargeras (Tomb of Sargeras), Book of Medivh (Alterac) and the Eye of Dalaran. Who would have known Teron would throw a wish coin on the fountain of Dalaran before departing with the black dragons? Thanks a bunch to Handclaw for providing these images.

Salandria is the blood elf orphan who gives quests in Shattrath City during the Children’s week. Kryll is the goblin who served Deathwing during the second war (Warcraft: Day of the Dragon). Molok was a dwarf who flew Rhonin on a gryphon toward Khaz Modan. Molok died when a dragon knocked both off their mount. He was against flying Rhonin to his destination. Special thanks to Handclaw for providing the images.










This is the fountain you can fish these coins from.