Learn the craft of spell augmentation with the new Inscription profession with World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King expansion.  Inscription allows you to customize your favorite spells and abilities.

Inscription training works the same way other professions do. You can find Inscription trainers in major cities. The Grand Master Trainer can be found in Vengeance’s Landing (Horde) and Valgarde (Alliance). Dalaran (accessible via quest at level 74) also has a Inscription trainer and accessories vendor. If you are unsure where to find them, simply talk to any guard on the major cities. Click on the professions text, then on Inscription trainer. Immediately, open your map. The guard will mark where in the city you can find the trainer. This profession requires herbalism training in order to obtain materials. Otherwise, you could get herbs from the Auction House at high prices, or from one of your alternate characters.

When you create or trade a Major glyph, you will find a glyph item in your inventory bag. Open your Spell Book. On the bottom-left you will find the Glyph tab. You will see the Glyph Book graphic (shown at the bottom of this page) with six circles: three Major Glyph slots and three Minor Glyph slots.

Click the glyph item in your inventory. Your mouse cursor will become highlighted, indicating you that you can apply the glyph.  Point to any of the Major Glyph slots, and the circle will be filled with a Inscription rune permanently changing your spell stats.

Click on the links below to find out the glyphs available to your character class.

Note: Work in progress.  Most of the materials listed in the recipes are placeholders. Beta build 8926 hasn’t added certain glyph materials, some glyphs don’t work at all in-game, Warrior & Death Knight glyphs haven’t been added yet to beta. Only Major Glyphs are available. Minor Glyphs are not present in beta. Check back for updates.

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