3:48pm – All Servers are back online. Feel free to login and continue your gameplay.

3:39pm – Rishgur posted on the Realm Status forum the following:

We are aware of the issues currently preventing players from connecting to the World of Warcraft. Our technicians are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and we will provide updates as they are available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has presented.

3:20 pm– Around 3:20pm EST, World of Warcraft servers are currently down. One could speculate they are about to launch a patch, but Bashiok said (16 minutes ago):

“Realms aren’t down, but it does appear they’re unable to be selected when logging in. We’re investigating.”

Though server status says all servers are up, for some reason players are experiencing an all realms down notification. The server team is investigating. You can look up server status here.

Right now looking it up won’t tell you the truth. All servers are down client-wise regardless of what the status page says. I’ll update the status once Bashiok or another Blizzard representative publishes one.