Our efforts have paid off.  We’ve captured the Sun’s Reach Sanctum, (name).  Go there and see if there’s anyone you can assist.


Captain Theris Dawnhearth: We sent one of our operatives to investigate the fel portal in the middle of Dawning Square, south of here. She never returned.

Take this scroll we found on one of the enemy corpses. We believe it will grant you access through the portal. Once through, find Magistrix Seyla and aid her in any way you can.

Quest Objectives

Use the Captured Legion Scroll near the portal at Dawning Square. Once you’ve gone through the portal, find Magistrix Seyla.

Keep quiet, shaman. The Legion’s forces watch the south of the gate.

It’s very sweet of Theris to worry about my hide, but we’ve got bigger problems here. Much bigger.