Trag Highmountain has been finally introduced into the World of Warcraft MMO.  He is one of the characters from WarCraft: The Sunwell Trilogy by Richard A. Knaak.  Among the characters from that book that already joined the MMO are Kalecgos, Dar’Khan Drathir, Anveena, Jorad Mace, Tyrigosa (Tyri) and now Trag Highmountain.  If you had any doubt the Tokyopop WarCraft mangas held any canon, you have been proved wrong.  They are worth a read.  I have read the latest three Warcraft Legends volumes so far, and have the Sunwell Trilogy Ultimate Edition book to back it.

In the second volume of the trilogy, Trag Highmountain died to save Anveena by crushing his master’s orb of Ner’zhul.  What he did never realize was that this action would grant him immortality by turning him into an Undead Tauren.  Trag Highmountain returned in Warcraft Legends by Tokyopop with a good story that sets him into a personal mission to avenge his new state.  With the help of Thrall, he reached Borean Tundra to start his journey toward Icecrown.  Little is known about the true nature of his undeath, but we get to see what looks like Ner’zhul’s spirit behind him at one point.  This might not make much sense, but telling more would be World of Warcraft: Arthas spoilers.

Trag Highmountain can now be found as an NPC in patch 3.2 by the Argent Tournament Grounds along with the Taunka, keeping a massive Magnataur at bay.  This is the same Magnataur Boss that is to be fought in the new Argent Tournament Coliseum dungeon.  In Warcraft Legends, Trag did reach the Icecrown Citadel, just to fall victim to Arthas the Lich King who turns him into a an unwilling Death Knight servant.  Time later, Trag regains his freedom and joins the Taunka.  It is strongly believed that Trag might have some quests for us at some point to enter Icecrown Citadel.  Who knows, he might even join us in the battle against the Lich King. We gotta have to wait and see.

You can view some of the Warcraft Legends preview scans about Trag Highmountain here and here.