Warfront: Stromgarde – Wartime Donations

The Warfront: Stromgarde’s Wartime Donations daily quests have been added to Battle for Azeroth Beta. The idea is that in order to open the Warfront, players have to unite to provide resources for the war effort. Works similar to how players gather resources for the Broken Shore buildings, but instead of a table each player donates profession materials to their respective trainer at Port of Zandalar or Boralus Harbor.


Hidden Scavenger Hunt: The Great Sea Scrolls

In this article, I’ll discuss what to do once you start the quest: The Great Sea Scrolls. I am not sure if there are more in Kul Tiras and Zandalar, but I will share an intriguing Treasure Chest that could be catalogued as a Scavenger Hunt. As I made my way south of Corlain to complete the World Quest titled “Hunting for Truffle Hunters,” I looked at my mini-map and noticed a Treasure Chest that wasn’t marked in my Photoshop file for the Drustvar Treasure Chests.

When I looted the Treasure Chest, an item that starts a quest was awaiting. The quest is titled: The Great Sea Scrolls


Champions of Azeroth Questline

Shortly after arriving to Kul Tiras or Zandalar, players will see Magni Bronzebeard to acquire the Heart of Azeroth necklace. Later at level 120, after you have completed the three Footholds of the War Campaign and unlock World Quests, Magni provides a quest to unlock Azerite World Quests. Those provide extra Azerite Power to help level up the Heart of Azeroth’s level.

Beta: Heart of Azeroth UI Animation

Blizzard Entertainment deployed the Battle for Azeroth Beta build 26707 and 26715 within hours apart. The former introduced the new Heart of Azeroth UI with proper animations. Up until now, testers had been using a temporary UI. Now the Heart of Azeroth UI looks like what we saw back on November. Check out our BlizzCon 2017 transcript with images.

Below you can watch videos of how the Heart of Azeroth UI with 3-Rings and 4-Rings look like, their traits, and at what Azerite level the traits unlock at.

The Barbarian Drust Race and Fate’s End Isle

After discovering the Fate’s End Isle recently, I became obsessed with finding out anything about the Drust race that inhabited Kul Tiras before humans settled there. As I went about completing World Quests, the sight of the isle picked my curiousity. Thus, I went through “fatigue” and managed to reach the Fate’s End Isle. The easiest way to get there is heading west of Fort Daelin (Stormsong Valley).


Speculation: Playable Undead Races Beyond Humans?

Battle for Azeroth surprises me more each week. I have played the entire storyline Achievements on both Alliance and Horde. Zuldazar at least 5 times since Alpha. I still keep finding new things where least I imagined exploring.

Then the new patch builds introduce new content, and the discovery sometimes even shocks me.

After completing the three Foothold achievements in the War Campaign to unlock World Quests, I got a follow up quest titled: Breaking Kul Tiran Will.

That quest sent me from Zuldazar to Plunder Harbor in Tiragarde Sound.

What I saw upon landing there shocked me.

We have seen the female Dark Rangers before in Wrath of the Lich King — at the Ghostblade Post in Howling Fjord.


Azerite-Infused Elementals Invasion in Silithus: The Wound

The recent Battle for Azeroth build finally flagged all characters to access Silithus: The Wound. There is an ongoing flow of Azerite-Infused Elementals assaulting the Earthern Ring and the Cenarion Circle where Magni used to be located at.

There is one of those Magni discs on the ground, but can’t be interacted with, which leads me to think there will be a quest to unlock access to it to teleport to the underground Titan facility where Magni gave us the Heart of Azeroth.

Groundhog Day: Most Bizarre Bug in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth?

I have been a beta tester in each World of Warcraft expansion since 2004. A Technical Alpha tester in Legion and BFA too. This is by far the most insidious bug I have encountered since the Blood of Hakkar epidemic bug. A fan called this the Groundhog Day bug.

I reported the bug, in-game, a couple of times to explain what happened. However, to understand the entire thing you should be familiar with Sci-fi TV shows like Star Trek.

There was a Star Trek: Generations episode titled Cause and Effect, where the crew is stuck in a loop for 17 days. Or the episode Time Squared.

In this particular World of Warcraft world quest, you click the Dormant Ravager to control it. It becomes a vehicle or disguise that you control with three unique abilities. The objective is to kill 25 minions located inside a nearby mining cave. That’s how things go in a normal day.

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