After completing the Maldraxxus questline, the player is sent to Oribos to start the Ardenweald questline somewhere around level 53.

After arriving to The Enclave, in Oribos, you stand before Bolvar Fordragon and Tal-mara (honored voice).

Tal-mara gives you the quest Welcome to Ardenweald.


This message must reach the Winter Queen of Ardenweald, (name). If we are to face this terrible threat, we need to muster support.

The Winter Queen is an ancient being, and she oversees the natural half of the cycle of life and death.

Bring her this message, and she will know what needs to be done.


Travel to Ardenweald, and find someone to take you to the Winter Queen.

Lady Moonberry: This will be a prank to remember! Just– oh! Hello there!


Lady Moonberry: We haven’t seen anyone come through the gateway in a very long time! Certainly not someone like you.


Lady Moonberry: A message from the Primus of Maldraxxus you say? We haven’t heard from him in… Well, it’s been a long time.

It isn’t that I don’t believe you, but, well, the Queen doesn’t have time for pranks, but lucky for you, I do.

(Moonberry leans in close, whispering)

And for this one I think we need one more Lily.

(Moonberry winks)

Let me take a look at this message. You bring that last night lilly to Featherlight, and then we’ll talk.


Assist Moonberry and Featherlight.

Lady Moonberry: The message is magically sealed? Well, that’s no fun…

Note: There are three Night Lilly shown in the mini-map. After you click to loot it, a Lurking Spriggan spawns to attack you.

Lady Moonberry: Featherlight, you place the lily. This stupid seal just won’t open!

Featherlight: Were you able to gather the lily we need?

(I have the lily.)

Lady Moonberry: Zayhad! Wake up!

Zayhad: My slumber… recedes… A beard, a hat… gifts of time and … mirth of fae. The forest sighs in laughter. You bring joy, Lady Moonberry.

Lady Moonberry: I try, old friend. Maybe you can help the forest grow again soon!

(Will you help me gain an audience with the Queen?)

Lady Moonberry: This way, come along. Sadly, the Queen cannot grant you an audience. Her spirit is spread thin across Ardenweald. This drought threatens the entire forest. Your voice is but one bird singing in the night. The Queen’s magic protects every branch, every leaf. If not for her vigilance, all might be lost. For now, we night fae must act in her stead.

Mothbane the Mighty: Go faster stupid thing!

Lurking Spriggan: Someone wants a stabbing!

Lady Moonwell: I warned you not to come back! Ugh. Spriggans. Sorry! I had to make a quick stop on the way here.


Lady Moonberry: It may not look like it from up here, but Ardenweald is on the brink.

Your arrival in Ardenweald gives me hope things are about to change for the better.


Lady Moonberry: I will seek out the Queen on your behalf, (name), but in return you are going to need to handle things in my stead. My Queen isn’t the only one who’s been kept busy by the drought!

First, you’re going to help my fellow Night Fae here with their spriggan problem. Boot their leader off that poor moth, then Featherlight will tell you where to go next.

If you survive, we’ll meet at Tirna Vaal.

And I would stay on the path if I were you. Ardenweald can be dangerous for the unwary.

Lady Moonberry: Featherlight will guide you from here. Help the forest as you head for Tirna Vaal!

Surnol: Is that… a new soul? Are Souls finally returning to Ardenweald!

Lourn: By the Qeen, I hope so.

Mothbane the Mighty: Ride’em!

Note: It is a bit difficult, but hover your cursor over Mothbane the Mighty — who is mounting a giant Saddled Ardenmoth. The cursor will change to a hand. Click him and he dismounts the moth.

Mothbane the Mighty: Go faster stupid thing! Stupid bug! Can’t get rid of me! HAhahahaahahahahaha! Ooh, I can’t wait to slay you! Hope… a gorm… eats you!


Featherlight: If you can handle the spriggans then perhaps I can give you some of the more interesting items on Lady Moonberry’s agenda. Excellent!


(Featherlight checks his notes.)

Featherlight: Let’s see… There was a request for help regardin an imperiled Wildseed and… something about an egg? The original note wasn’t entirely clear, but the fae we are looking for is… Ah! It’s Korenth again.

Well, I suppose we’ll find out what his trouble is!

I’ll fly ahead and look for him. Stick to the path and we’ll meet up.


Help Korenth recover his wildseed.

Featherlight: Korenth is always getting into trouble. Let’s see what it is this time.

Korenth: Featherlight! Over here! That beast took my friend!

Korenth: I was supposed to take care of them… but they were taken!

(I’m standing in for Lady Moonberry. What happened?)

Korenth: There is so little anima, and I’ve had to say goodbye to so many slumbering spirits: friends I’ve lkooked after for ages.

I moved her wildseed to a spot where I thought she could get a little more anima to make it through, and then that terrible creature stole it! I think the bird is trying to incubate it like an egg.

(What’s a wildseed?)

Korenth: They’re the purpose of Ardenweald! Wildseeds contain slumbering nature spirits like Elder Dunmira. Who is under that bird. If you could coax it off the nest for me, I could sneak in and grab her!

I’m glad Moonberry was able to send someone if she couldn’t come herself. You know she normally wants a song and dance for her help?

(Korenth chuckles.)

So you’ll help me get that bird off the nest?

(Korenth smiles hopefully.)

(I will help you.)

Fearlight: You know I think I have just the thing for this situation. Hold still. This probably won’t hurt.

(Hold still?)

Korenth: Try to coax the bird away from the nest!

Note: You are transformed into a bird. Two abilities appear. Let the full cooldown be channeled. The progress bar at the quest objectives will move in increments of 10% (singing) and 20% (Strutting).

  1. Strutting: Shake your tailfeathers! (channeled) — 8 sec cooldown.
  2. Singing: Sing your heart out! (channeled) — 5 sec cooldown.

Korenth: Keep it up! I’ll just sneak past…

(A twig snaps loudly under Korenth’s hoof!)

The valeshrieker notices Korenth.

Korenth: Uh oh… umm… hello?

Featherlight: Run, Korenth!

Note: Kill the Nesting Valeshriker

Korenth: Thank you for saving the wildseed! I’ll bring it somewhere safe.


Featherlight: That was fun to watch! You had that bird ready to build a nest and raise hatchlings! Oh, I needed that laugh.

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