The latest Shadowlands Alpha build 34714 has introduced the new zone: Maldraxxus.


The most exciting thing ever to happen in World of Warcraft is wormhole travel from Oribos to the Shadowlands zones. At the moment: Ardenweald, Bastion, and Revendreth.

The mystery of the Shadowlands sandbox verticality is now revealed. Blizzard has introduced wormhole travel between the zones.

I had a feeling (several weeks ago) that Blizzard had arranged the zones at different vertical locations for something unique. This is it. You can’t see it while in the wormhole, but during the walking-on-air bug I could see Bastion is at the top of the vertical coordinates, followed by Oribos, then Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Revendreth, and the Maw at the bottom.

Difficult to explain without a proper 3D perspective representation. Maybe this 2D image can help you visualize what I saw during the bug that allowed alpha testers to walk in the air from Bastion to Oribos and beyond in the sandbox. The bug didn’t allow me to walk up or down. South of Oribos, I could see the silhouette of Ardenweald several hundred yards below. When I went northeast of Oribos, I could see the Maldraxxus’ silhouette even further below.


Bolvar Fordragon can be found in Oribos at The Enclave.


The Guild Vault is found in the Hall of Holding (Bank).


This patch added a much larger sky city behind Elysian Hold. It doesn’t show up in the map, and doesn’t seem to be skybox art. It could be the Spires of Ascension dungeon.


The Oribos portal in Orgrimmar is now at the proper location — to the right side of the Caverns of Time portal.

The temporary portal used to be near the doorway (where my wolf-self is)

The Oribos portal doodad was redesigned, though. This is how it looked like in Alpha build 34490.


I spent over two hours exploring most of Maldraxxus. You can click the video title below to launch the YouTube page. At the gear icon you can switch to 1080HD, then select fullscreen.

During the exploration, I encountered Baroness Vashj? She is next to a flightmaster, which means … she is our ally?


I spent about 5 hours completing all the available quests in Maldraxxus. At the end of the questline (5/7 chapters) I was sent to Oribos, then to continue by requesting an audience with the Ice Queen in Ardenweald.

In terms of progression, It seems players will start in The Maw, then Bastion, then Maldraxxus (around level 52-53), then to Ardenweald.

About 3-4 quests into Maldraxxus, Thrall’s mother: Drakka, will fly you off the Theater of Pain and lead you through the Maldraxxus’s core questline.

You will encounter Baroness Vashj as an ally, then Alexandros Mograine, and eventually you are sent briefly to Oribos to talk to Bolvar Fordragon at The Enclave. There you also find Darion Mograine.


The Plaguefall dungeon is located in Maldraxxus, east of the Seat of the Primus. This video is only an exploration inside the dungeon, as well as all the items and abilities from the Dungeon Journal.

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