Fans have the opportunity to submit a single question about any PvE topic to the Creative Development Team.

Creative Development wants to know what you want to know! Again!

The first “Ask CDev” was a resounding success, with well over 1000 unique questions across all the different regions. While we still have a few answers to post from the first round of questions, with Cataclysm’s release we’d like to give people a chance to ask any questions the new expansion has generated! Once we have answers to the new questions, we’ll post them alongside the answers to the unseen old answers as well.

As before, there are no restrictions on the subject of your question(s), but we request that you only ask one question per post. We’d also like to make use of the new forum technology by way of the rating system; when we tally all the questions, “Highly Rated” posts will be more likely to receive answers. As a result, it’s better to click the “Like” button on a post with a question similar to your own rather than make a duplicate post!