Blizzard released today a new comic in preparation of the Legion invasion! Written by Matt Burns and artwork by Ludo Lullabi,

This story marks the return of Magni Bronzebeard. The comic is available for download for free here and is also aviable as a Madefire motion book.

It has been four years since the dwarf king Magni Bronzebeard was cursed as he sought to protect his world, frozen as a solid diamond statue at the center of Old Ironforge. In our new Legion digital comic, “Fault Lines,” he emerges from his crystal slumber with a dire warning of dark times to come. But will his daughter, Moira, be able to set aside the pain of her past to forgive Magni and help unite her people?


This article is being updated as the presentation goes on. Stay tuned!


  • Deadwind Harvester – Affliction Warlock
    • You gather with the council of the harvest and gain information about Legion artifacts
    • the information leads you to the Karazhan Catacombs
    • you will face the leader of the Dark Riders and take the scythe from him
  • Earning Artifact Power
    • comes from very different sources like quest bosses, rare spawns, etc.
    • gaining Artifact power unlocks traits
    • the first trait is an active ability to unleash the power of your weapon
    • there are several traits that have several ranks which you must gain to unlock the next step
  • Progression beyond 110
    • the weapon will increase its power throughout of legion
    • new items will drop: relics
    • relics increase the item level and for example increase the  rank of certain traits
  • Upgrading your Artifact
    • at some point you will gain quests to upgrade your artifact
    • opens up a new looks for your weapon, many different looks specific to the type of content
    • you can unlock more color variants

Class Halls

  • A location that strongly represents the class
  • meant to bring together a wide variety of members of each class, from the berserker to the knight
  • Druid
    • Moonglade was the first thought for a possibly class hall location
    • The Druid class hall is “The Dreamgrove”
    • The class hall features a special shrine for your artifact to augment it
    • The class hall features class champions
    • The class hall features the Scouting Map which helps decide where you will quest
    • There are class specific quests
    • Each class has special features and bonuses
      • warriors have access to an arena
      • hunters have access to a special flight network with giant eagles
    • Each class will have a quick way to the class hall and back

Demon Hunter

  • Customization
    • tattoo
    • blindfolds
    • horns
    • custom skin textures
  • Havoc
    • Melee spec
    • fight fire with fire
    • custom ressource: fury
      • used by powerful attacks
    • has access to Double Jump and Glide
      • glide is like a personal goblin glider, but activated with the jump key as well
    • Metamorphosis
      • leaps into the air and transforms
      • stunning the enemies at the targeted area
      • gives you leech and improves your blade attacks
    • Spectral sight
      • allows to see through invisiblity and physical barriers
  • Vengeance
    • Demon inquisitor
    • protective spells
    • inflicts pain
    • not a lot information as of now because they are still in development

Other Classes

  • Class fantasy is important
    • immersive
    • distinct
    • empowering
  • Death Knights
    • only one type of rune from now on
  • Warrior
    • no more charges on fury warriors
  • Mage
    • Arcane
      • arcane mage mastery stacks are turned into a proper class ressource
      • New Mastery: Savant
  • Hunter
    • Survival
      • becomes a melee spec
  • Priest
    • Disciple
      • attunement becomes their core ability to heal
    • Shadow
      • New resource: Insanity
      • spells build up insanity
      • ultimate but fleeting power
      • the more it builds up, they enter the void form
  • Rogue
    • Subtlety
      • Shadowdance redesigned
        • passive chance to reenter stealth on finisher skills
      • new shadow abilities
      • removed “generic” rogue abilities
  • Warlock
    • Demonology
      • will summon more demons
      • no more metamorphosis
  • Druid
    • Guardian
      • avoidance didn’t fit the immersion
  • Major Talent Revision
    • fewer “theme” rows
    • more choices
    • more spec-specific talents
    • hundreds of new talents


  • Tailoring
    • back to cloth, no more fure
    • more quests to learn patterns
  • Mining and Herbal nodes are now shared
  • There are going to be recipe ranks
    • make the recipes more efficient, taking less ressources
  • Revamp of the trade skill ui
  • ability to see all learned and unlearned recipes
  • Obliterum will be used to empower items from destroying old unneeded items
  • crafted gear will become more special
    • some items will have passive effects that augment you
  • Inscription
    • major glyphs are removed
    • can create vantus runes
      • increases damage against one raid boss for the week

World Drops

  • Power should stay relevant throughout the expansion
  • more unique effects
    • effects can be class based, role based or even spec based
  • World Drops are now legendaries
  • all legion items can drop with an increased item level
  • duplicate personal loot can be now traded


  • new system shall clean up your bank and inventory
  • expand customization options
  • allow collecting items
  • Wardrobe Collection
    • item appearances are automatically added to your wardrobe
    • you can throw away the item afterwards
    • account wide
  • You can save outfits
  • all items that are in your bank, void storage and inventory are automatically unlocked
    • also items awarded from every quest
    • also items from every quest you didn’t choose
  • you can hide shoulder pads now
  • new transmogable slots
    • enchants
    • shirts
    • tabards


This article is being updated as the presentation goes on. Stay tuned!

Broken Shore

  • The Broken Shore is the staging point for Legion
  • Involves a 40 person scenario for Horde and Alliance
  • Split into two parts, one half for the Horde, one for the Alliance, as they work in unison

Demon Hunter

  • Introduction Zone

    • Defines the Demon Hunter Class
    • Serves as a story bridge from TBC to Legion
    • Features a cutscene explaining the mission Illidan sent his demon hunters on
    • Mardum is a former prison World, shattered by Sargeras
    • The Sargerai Keystone was safeguarded here and will be a focus of the Demon Hunters’ mission there
  • Burning Legion
    • More powerful versions of old demons join
    • The Imp Mother
    • Jailer
    • Inquisitor
  • “Fight Fire with Fire”
    • Use Legion’s devices against them like their own portals
    • Learn new spells as you go, stolen from demons
    • Spell: Eyebeam
    • Epic Mount: Felsaber
    • Mardum ends with being taken prisoner by Maiev
    • Mardum is only the first half of the Demonhunter Intro

The Broken Isles

  • Val’sharah:
    • a Druidic paradise, but the emerald nightmare is there.
    • Set at the west coast of the Broken Isle
    • Malfurion met Cenarius, his mentor and instructor in the druidic ways, in this area
    • Focus on Shaladrassil, the corrupted world tree
    • Black Rook Hold
    • Features a number of Archdruids, like the Treant “Alafir”
    • You encounter the Satyr
    • Features the “Nightmare Dragons”
    • New models for Keepers, Dryads, Hyppogryphs, Moonkin
    • New model for Sea Lion Form
  • Stormheim
    • Home of Vrykul who left Northrend
    • You meet the “God King”, a warrior king of the Vrykul
    • Gives a look at the origin of the Kvaldir and the Val’kyr
    • New dragonflight: The Stormdragons
  • Azsuna
    • Side note: You can now see 3x times as far as before
    • features Remnants of the Blue Dragon flight
    • Home to the “Spectre”, a male counter part to banshees
    • New Naga models!
    • Azshara allied there with a Sea Giant Kingdom
    • Features a giant creature called the “Wrath of Azshara”
    • You will encounter the Warden’s here.
    • The Warden’s have owl companions
  • Highmountain
    • Set to the far north of the Broken Islands
    • Domain of three ancient tauren clans
    • They were united, until the Drogbar stole a sacred artifact
    • The Drogbar are highly attuned to elemental magic
    • also the home of Alpine Harpies
    • Moose and Moose Calves
  • Suramar
    • home to the “Nightwell”
    • The Nightelves became dependant on the energies of the nightwell and turned into the nightborne
    • allied with Gul’dan and helped him to open up the portals for the legion
    • Nightborne Exiles turn into the “Nightfallen”
    • When nightfallen don’t get any source of arcane energies, they turn int the “Withered”
  • The Broken Isles zones scale with you, allowing to play through the zones in your own order
  • Main Objective is to Recover the “Pillars of Creation” to seal up the dark portals of the legion
  • Suramar is the high end zone, so 110 only
  • Scaling affects the world around you, not the player

End Game

  • Trying to tie the best of the various end game models together
  • Goals:
    • Keep player agency
    • Keep a free-form gameplay, but give a sense of purpose
    • a vehicle for storytelling
    • structure, but not a sense of compulsion
    • make use of the world
  • When you log in, there are various objectives scattered over the map, some with a time limit
  • Variety:
    • Player Garrison Missions
    • Reputation specific objectives
    • PVP objectives
    • World Raid Boses
    • Profession Missions
    • Minigames
  • Objectives are consistent, so you won’t have a reason to server hop
  • Emisarries of factions at the order halls will ask you to do objectives for their case,
  • but you can choose what you want to do.

Raid & Dungeons

  • The Emerald Nightmare
    • 7-boss raid
    • accessed through Val’sharah, by ascending the Shaladrassil World Tree
    • First announced Boss: “the Pestilience Worm”
    • Second announced Boss: Cenarius, corrupted by the Nightmare
    • Final announced Boss: Xavius
  • Suramar
    • base of Gul’dan’s operation
    • one mentioned boss: a so far a non-named Dreadlord
    • second mentioned boss: Grand Magistrix of the Nightborne
  • 5 Level up Dungeons
    • Eye of Azshara
    • Neltharion’s Lair
    • Halls of Valor
      • prove your worth to claim the Aegis of Aggamar
      • Compete against the Legion serving God King of the Vrykul
    • Darkheart Thicket
      • main aim is to rescue an ally from the nightmare
    • Violet Hold
    • integrated into the storyline
    • can be done in any order
  • 5 max-level dungeons
    • Vault of the Wardens
    • Black Rook Hold
      • Confront Lord Ravencrest
    • Helheim
      • board the ship of the damned to safeguard precious cargo
    • Suramar Noble District
      • infiltrate a party with the intention to possibly strike at the Grand Magistrix
    • Suramar Catacombs
      • discover the secrets of the nightborne and search for a passage into the Palace
  • Dungeons shall remain relevant
  • shall be achieved by the “Challenger’s Keystone”
  • it will point to a random legion dungeon
  • possesess a power level, that determines difficulty and reward
  • might have additional modifiers
  • main objective: scale the dungeon up to your skill level
  • focus on combat gameplay, but not on rushing
  • each week will have different modifiers for the dungeon to up the difficulty
    • example: Raging: All enemies Enrage at 30% remaining dealing 100% damage until slain
  • Rewards
    • at the end of the run, you get a loot chest
    • shall offer a genuine alternate path to raiding

Beta comes soon!


This article is being updated as the presentation goes on. Stay tuned!


  • A look back at the story of Starcraft, from Orcs in Space to a world-wide eSports game, leading up to Legacy of the Void
  • Mike Morhaime enters the Stage
  • Soon comes the anniversary of Warcraft 2.
  • New Charity pet coming soon: Brightmaw, the Mana Kitten, profits go to Make-a-Wish
  • New content for Diablo 3 is coming soon


  • Montage of the Starcraft 2 cinematics
  • Scenes from the coming Legacy of the Void
  • Starcraft 2 to receive Mission Packs in the future
  • First Mission Pack: Nova Covert Ops
  • Shows Nova waking up in a facility, being guarded by a machine.
  • Coming Spring 2016


  • Look back at the Road to BlizzCon

Warcraft Movie

  • Been in the talks for a long time
  • Director Duncan Jones joins the stage
  • Part of the Movie Cast enters the stage
  • Trailer starts

Heroes of the Storm

  • Dustin Browder enters the stage
  • New mode: The Arena
  • Different ruleset, like allowing several of the same hero
  • New Hero: Genn Greymane
  • New Hero: Lunara the Dryad
  • New Hero: Cho’gall – one hero, two players
  • New Battleground: Towers of Doom
  • Cho’gall is not for sale normally. BlizzCon Visitors get them for free. Other players must unlock it by playing with those who got him.


  • Eric Dodds enters the stage
  • New adventure: The League of Explorers
  • Join the explorers on the search for the Staff of Origination
  • New Mechanic: Discover
  • Discover presents you with three valid cards from which you can choose one
  • Elise Starseeker: Shuffles in the map to the Golden Monkey into your deck
  • The Golden Monkey: Turn your deck and your hand into Legendaries
  • The League of Explorer is starting the coming Thursday!


  • Jeff Kaplan joins the stage
  • Three New Hero joins the fight:
  • D.Va: Piloting a mech
  • Mei: Armed with Cryo Weapons
  • Genji: Ninja and Brother of Hanzo
  • New Map introduced: a type of movie studio ground
  • Overwatch comes with all 21 heroes
  • Overwatch Origin Edition comes with 5 Origin skins:
    • Strike-Commander Morrison (Soldier: 76)
    • Overgrown Bastion
    • Blackwatch Reyes (Reaper)
    • Security Chief Pharah
    • Slipstream Tracer
  • Mercy Wings for Diablo
  • 6 Starcraft 2 Portraits
  • Cardback for Hearthstone
  • Baby Winston Pet
  • Tracer Hero for Heroes of the Storm
  • Overwatch Collector’s Edition comes with Soundtrack; Artbook and a Soldier 76 Bronze Statue
  • Overwatch launching Spring 2016 for PC, Xbox1 and PS4

World of Warcraft

  • Chris Metzen enters the stage
  • Gul’dan sent to Azeroth to open the way for the Legion, opening up the “Felstorm” at the Broken Isles over the Tomb of Sargeras as a stage point
  • Reveal of the Legion Intro Cinematic
  • Preordering Legion will give early access to Demon Hunters when they are ready
  • Opening ceremony ends.

Blizzard just announced that they are partnering up with Random House LLC to publish future novels set in the Blizzard franchises.

The first novel to result from this partnership is World of Warcraft: Illidan, set to be released in March 2016, by William King, author of a number of Warhammer novels.

Following it we will get an original Starcraft Novel by Timothy Zahn, known for the Thrawn series of Star Wars Novels.

On Friday 7th, our reporter Handclaw was at Gamescom 2015 and had the honor to have a World of Warcraft : Legion interview with both Tom Chilton (Game Director, Vice President) and Ion Hazzikostas (Lead Game Designer) about the content for the incoming expansion.

Be sure to follow our team on Twitter and on Facebook for more details on the next World of Warcraft expansion and other Blizzard games. Furthermore, If you liked our interview and would like to have more in the near future (during conventions like BlizzCon or at press events), we might need your help on Patreon so we can continue to share our passion with you.

Gamescom 2015 World of Warcraft : Legion interview with Tom Chilton & Ion Hazzikostas

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Right now I’m heading off to Cologne, a few days early, but full with excitement for what’s to come.

We’ve been speculating for a while what Blizzard will show this year at GamesCom, and just a few day ago they revealed that they will announce the next expansion for World of Warcraft.

But what will it be? There were a lot of suggestions, theories & “leaks”, showing the possibilities are vast. From Azshara, to alternate Azeroths. And in the end, Blizzard still might come out with something no one expected.

And what will the big features be? Will we get a new class? What about races? Will the Garrison in some form make it to the next expansion?

Personally, I hope we might finally set sails to the South Seas, exploring the Broken Isles and fighting the forces of Azshara. And who knows, maybe Demon Hunters or Tinkers will join the fray of the WoW Classes.

I’m looking forward to meet some of the devs, and perhaps share a word or two with them. There are some questions that I will have for them!

Also, I look forward to finally try out Overwatch. I’ve seen a lot, but didn’t have the chance to try it out.

Either way, a few more days and we will know! So what else can I say besides:

See you at Gamescom 2015