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  • A look back at the story of Starcraft, from Orcs in Space to a world-wide eSports game, leading up to Legacy of the Void
  • Mike Morhaime enters the Stage
  • Soon comes the anniversary of Warcraft 2.
  • New Charity pet coming soon: Brightmaw, the Mana Kitten, profits go to Make-a-Wish
  • New content for Diablo 3 is coming soon


  • Montage of the Starcraft 2 cinematics
  • Scenes from the coming Legacy of the Void
  • Starcraft 2 to receive Mission Packs in the future
  • First Mission Pack: Nova Covert Ops
  • Shows Nova waking up in a facility, being guarded by a machine.
  • Coming Spring 2016


  • Look back at the Road to BlizzCon

Warcraft Movie

  • Been in the talks for a long time
  • Director Duncan Jones joins the stage
  • Part of the Movie Cast enters the stage
  • Trailer starts

Heroes of the Storm

  • Dustin Browder enters the stage
  • New mode: The Arena
  • Different ruleset, like allowing several of the same hero
  • New Hero: Genn Greymane
  • New Hero: Lunara the Dryad
  • New Hero: Cho’gall – one hero, two players
  • New Battleground: Towers of Doom
  • Cho’gall is not for sale normally. BlizzCon Visitors get them for free. Other players must unlock it by playing with those who got him.


  • Eric Dodds enters the stage
  • New adventure: The League of Explorers
  • Join the explorers on the search for the Staff of Origination
  • New Mechanic: Discover
  • Discover presents you with three valid cards from which you can choose one
  • Elise Starseeker: Shuffles in the map to the Golden Monkey into your deck
  • The Golden Monkey: Turn your deck and your hand into Legendaries
  • The League of Explorer is starting the coming Thursday!


  • Jeff Kaplan joins the stage
  • Three New Hero joins the fight:
  • D.Va: Piloting a mech
  • Mei: Armed with Cryo Weapons
  • Genji: Ninja and Brother of Hanzo
  • New Map introduced: a type of movie studio ground
  • Overwatch comes with all 21 heroes
  • Overwatch Origin Edition comes with 5 Origin skins:
    • Strike-Commander Morrison (Soldier: 76)
    • Overgrown Bastion
    • Blackwatch Reyes (Reaper)
    • Security Chief Pharah
    • Slipstream Tracer
  • Mercy Wings for Diablo
  • 6 Starcraft 2 Portraits
  • Cardback for Hearthstone
  • Baby Winston Pet
  • Tracer Hero for Heroes of the Storm
  • Overwatch Collector’s Edition comes with Soundtrack; Artbook and a Soldier 76 Bronze Statue
  • Overwatch launching Spring 2016 for PC, Xbox1 and PS4

World of Warcraft

  • Chris Metzen enters the stage
  • Gul’dan sent to Azeroth to open the way for the Legion, opening up the “Felstorm” at the Broken Isles over the Tomb of Sargeras as a stage point
  • Reveal of the Legion Intro Cinematic
  • Preordering Legion will give early access to Demon Hunters when they are ready
  • Opening ceremony ends.

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