Khadgar: Countless times you have battled against impossible odds and unspeakable evil – and returned the victor. Now, once more, you have answered the call of duty, prepared to risk your life to save the world that you love – our world.

You are Azeroth’s last hope, (name).

While the challenges that stand before us are daunting, there is no other that I would trust to lead this mission.

The enemy at the front may have the information we need to win this war. Seek and destroy!

Go now, (name)! For Azeroth!

Azeroth's Last Stand

Quest Objectives

Collect the Iron Horde Missive from one of the Iron Horde at the base of the Dark Portal.

Azeroth's Last Stand


Vindicator Maraad: Conserve your energy. We must ensure that (name) completes the mission. I will deal with the beasts myself.

Archamage Khadgar: We are counting on you, (name).

Vindicator Maraad: Light, grant me your vengeance and (name) your protection.

(Iron Horde Missive: 1/1)


You: This missive bears the mark of the Warsong clan.

This folded letter, bearing the mark of Grommash Hellscream, looks promising…

Azeroth’s Last Stand – Tips

Kill the first Iron Grunt you find on the stairs and loot the Iron Horde missive. No need to go back to Khadgar. The quest turn in appears onscreen by the quest tracker UI saying “Click to complete quest.”

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