Missive: “Guard Gul’dan and his Shadow Council with your lives! The portal cannot function without our prisoners’ fel magic. Fail me and watch all that you hold dear turn to ash.

–Grommash Hellscream.”

The Iron Horde appear to be holding prisoners that are crucial to keeping the portal open. Search the nearby spires!

Onslaught's End

Quests Objectives

Disable the two fel spires of the Dark Portal.

Northern Fel Spire disabled: 0/1
Southern Fel Spire disabled: 0/1


Teron’gor: You… strange invaders… You seek to disable the Dark Portal? I can help you. Just… set me free. Destroy the relic, invader! Those iron cowards were using us as conduit to power their portal. They will regret that. The Shadow Council thanks you.

Vindicator Maraad: Fight on, brothers and sisters! (Name) will see us through this war!

(Southern Fel Spire disabled: 1/1)

Onslaught's End

Grommash Hellscream: Iron Horde! The intruders are freeing our prisoners! Stop them!

Warsong Commander: Where do you think you’re going? We have captured the Shadow Council and their leader, Gul’dan! It is they who power this portal — with your souls! Kneel before the might of the Iron Horde!

Hansel Heavyhands: Get on in there, champ!

Warsong Commander: Come at me, bro!

Cho’gal: You… outsider. Destroy that relic, and set us free. (Crush the relic! Smash the relic!)

(Northern Fel Spire disabled: 1/1)

Onslaught's End

Cho’gal: Seek out Gul’dan if you truly wish to stop the Iron Horde. (Gul’dan! Gul’dan powers the portal!)


Archmage Khadgar: Look! The portal grows weaker!

Warsong Commander: I’ll have your head on my axe!

Archmage Khadgar: Hold that front! Our work is nearly done!

Vindicator Maraad: Fight on, brothers and sisters! (Name) will see us through this war!

Thrall: If (name) is to succeed in their mission the vanguard must not fall! I will not stand by and watch our heroes be destroyed! FURY OF STORMS. HEAR MY PLEA!

Mumper: Must… keep… fighting…


Khadgar: The portal is weakened, but it remains open. Only one option remains, (name).

Thrall: I will not be able to defend the front for much longer. My power here is greatly diminished. (Name) must succeed or Azeroth will fall.


Onslaught’s End – Tips

Down the stairs from the Dark Portal, there is a tower on each side: north and south. You must be careful of the Warsong Commander on a wolf patrolling back and forth. Enter the tower and click the relic to disable it. After you disable the relic, the Warsong Commander with sneak on you from behind.

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