Kul Tiras is the Alliance continent in Battle for Azeroth. These Kul Tiras Exploration Videos take you to almost every corner of Drustvar, and Tirisgarde Sound. At the moment, Stormsong Valley is not open for testing.

Drustvar is the smallest of the zones of Kul'Tiras. The center is a diagonal alps mountain separating the east and western autumn-like forests. On the eastern plateau, the Barrowknolll Cemetery turns into a greenish hue mist which reminds me of Tirisfal Glades. Thick and tall autum trees. Deep red leaves in various shades adorn the ground. Massive Kul Tiran buildings, same architecture as those in Tol Barad. Just a few steps south, Gol Koval, the landscape turns into a snowy hill inhabited by Awoken Guardian elementals.

On the western plateau, the Crimson Forest is a creepy zone with wickedmen and beasts made of wood, human and animal bones, and fur interconnected by shadowy sinew -- raised by ritualist witches. The animals and birds attack you on sight. The music immerse you in a sense of fright and dread.

Tree trunks are a blend of greyish blue shades with dark redish leaves. The ground has blends of orange, dark red with random dark green bushes. This place looks dead. As if the shadowy magics are slowly siphoning the life out of nature. The ambience makes the few water streams and lakes look sickly black purple. Bears and other animals radiate black and light blue energy. A sign they have been affected by the void.

Anyport is a bit to the northwest. The grass is light cream with light green hues over dark brown dirt. Autumn trees. To the northwest corner, the Chandlery Wharf is the Irontide pirate port. Corlain is filled with farm plots invaded by witches. Just a few steps east into the mountain it blends into the snowy alps.


If you thought Valley of the Four Winds, Krasarang Wilds, and Townlong Steppes were odd-shaped, then Tiragarde Sound takes the crown with its strangest silohuette. A large portion of its southmost sound is empty or impassable at its snowy mountains. Still, it took me a bit over two hours to explore the entire zone as you may see in the video.

The most common problem plaguing this zone are pirates and factions of a divided nation. To the south, the pirates have assaulted and destroyed the Daelin wall that has kept the city protected.

This zone feels a lot like Howling Fjord, and the city of Boralus is almost as big as the city of Suramar. I think some areas still need to be populated. The zone isn't finished. The northwestern corner still has non-textured walls (flat gray).

Where Dustvar is split in half by a diagonal mountain range, Tiragarde Sound is split diagonally by water. There are two types of transport: Flightmaster and Ferry.

Stormsong Valley is a farmland and the religious group of Tidesages build and bless the Kul Tiran fleet at the shipyard. A mysterious darkening of the tidesage's ways have emerged. Fanatic acolytes commune with Faceless Ones and their master.

This exploration video takes you to almost every corner of Stormsong Valley. At the moment, the cthulhu-like fortress to the northeast is inaccessible to alpha testers.