Zandalar is the Horde continent in Battle for Azeroth. These Zandalar Exploration Videos take you to almost every corner of Zuldazar, and Nazmir. At the moment, Vol’dun is not open for testing.

Zuldazar is the capital of Zalandar. The zone is heavily inspired in Mayan pyramid and building architecture with a mix of Peruvian mountains and Incan music? The main pyramid has a rotating wheel that somewhat resembles the Mayan Calendar stone tablet.

Zandalar is inhabited by the Zandalar, but citizens of each troll tribe from every corner of Azeroth has a representation. The fauna includes all types of big and tiny dinosaurs, gorillas, tigers, birds, Hyppos, and yetis.

This zone is huge in size and took me 3 hours to explore each area for this video. I clicked on all the NPCs that had a initial quest so that you know where to go find one. If you wish, you may pause the video to read the quests. I only keep the quest window visible for a couple seconds. You may also find the location of flightmasters.

Nazmir is the homeland of the Blood Trolls. The eerie music theme will keep you on paranoid mode. Besides blood trolls praying to their loas, and things from beyond, you will also find risen troll bones, and spirits, blood creatures, dinosaurs of all kinds, and a giant boss at the center of Nazmir.

After the Cataclysm, the land became a mangrove swamp. Careful with the crocs and piranha-like creatures roaming the waters. Stick to the roads, religiously. To the northeast, a temple is taken by Faceless Ones who open portals into the Void. To the west, the Sethrek captured Horde members and zandalari. To the north, blood trolls mine the carcass of a giant turtle corpse for prime material for their rituals.

Vol'dun feels like Tanaris and Desolace combined but it has mountains and canyons you may explore. It is inhabited by the Sethrak race (serpent people) and the Vulpera. On the northern beach, the naga and the Tortolla. To the southwest, murlocs. There is dark magic at play to the southwest with reanimated pirate troll skeletons.

The Vulpera train the local hyenas as mounts. Surprisingly, to the south there is a Sethrak friendly faction with an Innkeeper and a quest hub.