Malfurion Stormrage: The portal to the Dreamway is open and it is here where our paths must part. The Moonglade remains vulnerable to the attacks of the Burning Legion and I must ensure it is well defended.

I’m entrusting you with the mission to Val’sharah, (name). Arch Druid Greathoof is the leader of the druids there. He is wise in the old ways and will provide us invaluable assistance.

The Dream can be dangerous so I will send Keeper Remulos to guide you. Meet with him upon the other side.


Quest Objectives

Go through the portal to the Dreamgrove.

Rewards: You will learn [Dreamwalk].

To the Dreamgrove



Keeper Remulos: When you are ready, step through the portal into the Dreamway. I will meet with you on the other side.


Note: Walk through the portal.


Keeper Remulos: Welcome to the Dreamway, (name). A journey that would take days upon Azeroth is but a few steps here. Wait, I feel something… disturbing. Quickly (name), this way!

Travel with Remulos: 1/1

To the Dreamgrove


Keeper Remulos: No… the Nightmare… in this part of the Emerald Dream? How is this possible? I will cleanse these nightmare vines from our path but the foul taint that spawned them must originate from elsewhere. (name), go search for the source of this corruption and destroy it!


New Objective: Cleanse the Corruption.


Note: This is a mini-instance with a variety of creatures you need to kill in order to complete the bonus Objective. There are Blightthorn Growth x 4 (plants), 2 packs of Echo of Nightmare (flesheater), Bloodcrazed Screecher x 2 (bats).


Note: Once those are out of the way, kill the Putred Giant to complete the bonus objective.

To the Dreamgrove


Cleanse the Corruption: 1/1


New Objective: Travel to Dreamgrove.


Keeper Remulos: Excellent! The foul taint of the Nightmare should fade from the Dreamway soon. Come, we approach our destination.

Note: Walk through the portal to The Dreamgrove.

To the Dreamgrove


Keeper Remulos: We made it, (name). Ahhh, these forests are just as I remember them. An ancient magic protects the Dreamgrove. Here, all brothers and sisters of the wilds will find sanctuary. Come, we must find the Druids of Val’sharah and ask for their aid. Come on, (name). Follow me, druid!

Keeper Remulos: Quickly, (name)! We must hurry!


Discovered: The Circle of Spirits.


Keeper Remulos: Come, we must find the Druids of Val’sharah and ask for their aid.

Arch Druid Harthelm Greathoof: Ishnu-alah. It has been many eons since we last spoke, son of Cenarius.

Keeper Remulos: Indeed. I wish our meeting were under better circumstances. Surely you have felt the tremors from the Emerald Dream?

Arch Druid Harthelm Greathoof: Yes, the trees groan in agony as they are uprooted for war, and the flowers scream as they burn beneath the feet of our old foe. Our world, AND the Dream, are in great danger.

Keeper Remulos: Then we must act swiftly before all is lost! We must prepare the weapons of old for war once again.

Arch Druid Harthelm Greathoof: The weapons of the first druids! The powers they contain will surely turn the tide in our favor, but is there anyone strong enough to wield them?

Keeper Remulos: There is no one better suited for this task than (name).

Arch Druid Harthelm Greathoof: Very well, (name), the weapons of the first druids each embody an aspect of our teachings. Obtaining them will not be easy but we shall do all that we can to aid you in your task.



Arch Druid Harthelm Greathoof: You did well to navigate through the Emerald Dream to get to this place. Still, there are times when you might wish to return here a bit more quickly, this spell will guide you.

Traveling the Dreamway is no small feat in itself, but it pales to the tasks ahead.


To the Dreamgrove


1. A Summons from Moonglade8. A Foe of the Dark
2. Call of the Wilds9. Following the Curse
3. The Dreamway10. Disturbing the Past
4. To the Dreamgrove11. The Deadwind Hunt
5. Weapons of Legend12. The Dark Riders
6. Scythe of Elune
7. Its Rightful Place
Class Artifacts Questlines


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