Naralex: I have received word that Tyrande herself has authorized the release of a great artifact, The Scythe of Elune, to aid our cause. Valorn Stillbough has agreed to give up the weapon, which he has kept as part of an investigation into the cursed worgen of Duskwood.

I believe that you, champion, will be our best hope at wielding its power without succumbing to teh animal rage that ebbs within. You must go to Duskwood, and take up the scythe against our foes!

Scythe of Elune


Quest Objectives

Meet with Valorn Stillbough in the Twilight Grove in Duskwood.



Location: The Dreamgrove (Val’sharah)

Naralex: Follow me, the Dreamgrove has its own gate to the Dreamway. Through it you will be able to quickly travel to the far corners of Azeroth.


Location: Twilight Grove (Duskwood)

Valorn Sillbough: Our champion arrives! We have been sent by Tyrande bearing a weapon that may turn the tide of this war. You must take up the Scythe of Elune, champion. May its power serve you well.

Scythe of Elune



Valor Stillbough: Well met, champion.

Are you ready for the burden you must bear?


Scythe of Elune


1. A Summons from Moonglade8. A Foe of the Dark
2. Call of the Wilds9. Following the Curse
3. The Dreamway10. Disturbing the Past
4. To the Dreamgrove11. The Deadwind Hunt
5. Weapons of Legend12. The Dark Riders
6. Scythe of Elune
7. Its Rightful Place
Class Artifacts Questlines


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