Revil Kost: This place is where the merchant, Ariden, set up camp while he was trying to ply his dubious wares to the sorcerer Medivh. It has remained strangely untouched for all this time, which leads me to believe it may still have a connection to its former owner.

Help me search the camp. Let’s see if we can find something to lead us to the Dark Riders.

Disturbing the Past


Quest Objectives

Search around Ariden’s Camp for clues leading to the Dark Riders.



Relic Box: The box contains various magical looking trinkets and baubles. Upon close inspection, these “relics” appear to be nothing more than clever forgeries.

Disturbing the Past


Compass: The compass is old and weathered with use. It appears to be malfunctioning – the compass arrow is erratically changing direction and never settling at true North.

Disturbing the Past


Fur Blanket: The bedding in the tent has been undisturbed for quite some time.

Disturbing the Past


Battlered Journal: Dark energy hums from the journal, which appears to be the writings of Aridan, and chronicles his time in Deadwind Pass. One entry in particular stands out:

“The Nightbane have become restless of late, and whispers are abound of the Scythe of Elune having left Darnassus. It must be coming nearers, for the worgen are constantly drawn to it. They will lead me to it. Those cursed night elves think the weapon is safe in their care. They will soon find how wrong they are.”

Disturbing the Past


Ariden: Fool! You will suffer for your trespass!

Disturbing the Past


Aiden’s Camp investigated: 1/1

Ariden: Turn away now, interloper! The horrors of the past will be your undoing!

Revil Kost: I think that means we’re on the right track. See what you can find in that journal.

Lore Backstory

Revil Kost hails from the pages of World of Warcraft: The Dark Riders graphic novel. Learn more at Wowpedia, but debuted in the last issue of the DC Comics World of Warcraft comic book.



Disturbing the Past


1. A Summons from Moonglade8. A Foe of the Dark
2. Call of the Wilds9. Following the Curse
3. The Dreamway10. Disturbing the Past
4. To the Dreamgrove11. The Deadwind Hunt
5. Weapons of Legend12. The Dark Riders
6. Scythe of Elune
7. Its Rightful Place
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