Revil Kost: The Nightbane! If they are in Deadwind Pass, then they may be seeking the scythe as well.

Let’s split up and try to track them down. We’ll see where their trail leads…

The Deadwind Hunt


Quest Objectives

Follow the tracks of the Nightbane worgen.



Discovered: Sleeping Gorge

The Deadwind Hunt


Continue following the worgen: 1/1

The Deadwind Hunt


Feral Nightbane: Goldrinn’s power will be ours, (race)!

The Deadwind Hunt


Location: Deadwind Ravine (Deadwind Pass)

The worgen escape down the cliff toward Karazhan!

The Deadwind Hunt


Feral Nightbane: The Scythe of Elune belongs to the worgen!

The Deadwind Hunt


Revil Kost: The worgen led you here as well? This must be where the scythe is being kept!



Revil Kost: The worgen appear to be drawn to the catacombs beneath Karazhan.


Lore Backstory

Revil Kost hails from the pages of World of Warcraft: The Dark Riders graphic novel. Learn more at Wowpedia, but debuted in the last issue of the DC Comics World of Warcraft comic book.



The Deadwind Hunt


1. A Summons from Moonglade8. A Foe of the Dark
2. Call of the Wilds9. Following the Curse
3. The Dreamway10. Disturbing the Past
4. To the Dreamgrove11. The Deadwind Hunt
5. Weapons of Legend12. The Dark Riders
6. Scythe of Elune
7. Its Rightful Place
Class Artifacts Questlines


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