Stormheim: Genn vs Sylvanas Cutscene

Terran: Awesome. Thank you, Sherman. Now let’s take a quick look at a big spat between old rivals.


Terran: Stormheim, also known around the office as Genn vs Sylvanas. How many people here we got on team Genn? How about team Sylvanas? I anticipated that, but herein lies the challenge.Right? This was going to be a big epic fight scene, and we have done a lot of those, but this was going to be different.

This was not Thrall versus Garrosh. This is not good versus evil, light versus dark. This is two current faction leaders that are currently leading the Alliance and the Horde, going toe to toe in what could become a bloody battle to the death.


So how do we handle that? It is very-very delicate work, because while it is always in our mind that we want to create the most epic story we possibly can, we also want to be mindful to look through the lens of the players themselves, and realize that the two factions are like home teams; and they are always going to be rooting and feeling like: “Oh, I’m in it for my team, or I’m in for my team,” so it had to be delicate and make sure that it felt good for both sides, regardless of the outcome.

And as we dug into the story development and started fleshing out this fight scene, and looking for all the ways we could do the epic Wolf here, the smash here, we had to give each side their own good heck-yea moment where he got her, or she got him. Their push and pull, and up and down made each side feel like that their stake in the battle had really gotten something.


So by the end, the ultimate split outcome given that Genn had physically lost the physical fight, but had managed to outfox Sylvanas, had managed to outwit her and keep her from the nefarious task at hand. Felt like a great balance to make sure both factions felt like their leaders had done good in this fight.


All the while, not ignoring the tremendous emotional underpinning of the scene, which of course was a story of a father who always wished he could have taken that arrow for his son. So now we are going to move on to the biggest part of our content for the delivery of Legion: the Broken Shore.


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