Patch 7.2 Cathedral of Eternal Night Dungeon

Hazzikostas: So that is the raid. Do you guys miss patch dungeons? I mean, I know we did Karazhan recently, but that was more like a 5-player raid; but remember when we used to do things like Magister’s Terrace, or Trial of the Champion, just a little like a 3-4 boss dungeon to complement the story we were telling? We really miss that too. So let’s do another one. As I mentioned in the raid, you will be descending in the raid. In the dungeon, you are going up. You are climbing the tower. You are climbing the spire of the Temple of Elune. You will go through four bosses along the way; and your goal here is going to use one of the four Pillars of Creation: the Aegis of Aggrammar, which will be put to a special purpose at the very top of the tower to open the way.



This dungeon will be available in both: Heroic difficulty (queue-able normally through the LFG Finder), and Mythic difficulty, and of course, Mythic Keystone difficulties as with all dungeons.

So again, as we saw with the raids, here is a little 2D cutout top-down view of how the dungeon is going to work. As you enter, you are actually in a balcony, overlooking that main entrance hall, overlooking that first room of the raid zone. looking down on the space where you would be (if you were there), but instead you will be climbing up. So the concentric rings as the tower narrows towards the top, you will be going past what was a monument of what was a building to the glory of Elune. Past majestic hanging gardens, the grooving moonlight that has of course, succumbed to fel taint since then; and the minions of the Legion that infest the halls.



So a couple of enemies that we will be facing in the dungeon includes this fellow, because what is a fel garden without a fel tree.



And this variant of the Mo’arg brute who will just put a beating on you if you try to pass. So… Raid. Dungeon.



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