Patch 7.2 Flying in the Broken Isles

Hazzikostas: Often people ask, well what’s with the old flying, what’s the plan with flying? Am I going to use my flightmaster whistle, and then go to the nearest flightpoint? Mount up on my trusted steed (and by steed I mean Waterstrider)–

(audience laughs)

… and head off to the nearest invasion? Or will I soar majesticly upon the clouds, gazing down on the lands of the Broken Isles? Yes. Yes. You will.

(audience cheers)

Patch 7.2 brings the second part and the conclusion of the Broken Isles Pathfinder achievement. So this achievement basically entails the first part (which many people has worked on or has already completed) and earned a speed bonus in the outdoor world, plus doubling down on following the philosophies that we have laid out in Warlords when we announced the flying plans there: Explore the Broken Shore areas, Defend the different zones from the new Legion Assaults that will fall upon them, complete the main outdoor questline associated with the Legionfall Campaign, up to the opening of the Tomb of Sargeras.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to go in. There is no raid or dungeon content involved on this. It’s all about outdoor world gameplay, because that is what you need to master to unlock flying. And finally you get to earn your reputation off with the Armies of Legionfall, and you will be able to fly around the Broken Isles on your character, and all your characters on your account.



(Audience cheers)

So, pretty awesome! I mean, flying around the Broken Isles? That’s great. That really changes the way we play the game, and it is something that we have looked forward for a long time. Could there be anything cooler than flight in the Broken Isles? Well, what if you were doing it on your very own custom-Class Mount for every one of your Classes! Take a look at this!


So yes. Each and everyone of these mounts await you at the end of your Class Order campaign, at the end of the Broken Shore experience; and if you didn’t see all of them flying in that video, they are all of course flying-enabled mounts, because… you will be flying in the Broken Isles.

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