Brawler’s Guild

Next, the Brawler’s Guild. So the Brawler’s Guild shut its doors for renovation for some improvements with patch 7.0. We did this once in the past, we updated the Brawler’s Guild for Warlords of Draenor. That time all we really did was kind of remix the existing bosses, the existing content, we retuned then, we restructured them into a new hierarchy, had some new rewards.



This time we wanted to do something more. Something more ambitious, and that’s why the guild shutdown for a little while, because it’s going to take some time to make this happen. So for starters there are dozens of new bosses coming to Brawler’s Guild when it reopens to 7.1.5.

So all the familiar favorites are there, but you know this is always a really fun design exercise for a lot of encounter design team and others to just make wacky interesting solo encounters with no real lore constraints. This is definitely not canon and there are no clear rules that apply there other than just make it fun, make it memorable, and at the high end make it tough.

Now also we’re going to have a new type of battle that can occasionally occur on the Brawler’s Guild. As we all know, it’s a solo experience, but of course you have crowds that gather to watch, to cheer, to gear, and to wait their turn to enter the arena. Well, occasionally when someone’s queue pops, it’s actually going to spawn a Raid level crawler boss that will pull all players who are currently waiting for their turn into the arena at once.

So, and of course, everyone can share in the rewards and the benefits if you’re triumphant. But you never know what’s going to happen. Now one of the really cool things about the Brawler’s Guild (as we saw it play out when it first came into Mists of Pandaria) is it is a solo experience right. It’s you’re going in and you’re a two minute fight to the death against a powerful opponent, but it actually turned into this really cool shared social experience as people would form groups to buff each other, or give each other tips, and generally cooperate and offer encouragement in pursuit of the shared goal of climbing the ranks unlocking the rewards there; and so this new currency that we’re introducing and that you’ll earn through your brawls is really all designed to double down on that social experience. The things that you spend this on are shared benefits.



Someone can spend Brawler’s Gold to unlock a graveyard that will let people respawn right next to the fighting arena, for example, for a period of time. That’ll make you really popular with everyone who’s there. Or you can unlock someone who will let you make predictions on who you think is going to win the next brawl for a chance at new rewards, and everyone can participate in that once someone unlocks it.

Really making you glad that other players are around, and just kind of sharing in the shared set of goals you are pursuing. And of course, building your rewards, and the Brawler’s Guild that basically means shirts, lots and lots of shirts; and also a Basilisk’s mount… because why not.

So yeah that’s one of the piece of 7.1.5 that returns of the Brawler’s Guild. Now let’s take a look at some of those wacky crazy brawls that are coming your way soon.


So yeah, Brawlers Guild. Its complete chaos. Again, a hundred percent not cannon and that’s part of the fun.


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