Blade’s Edge Arena Update

Hazzikostas: So next… in patch 7.1, just recently, Arena PvP is definitely noticed. Something cool happened to the Nagrand Arena. We went back and took one of the most classic World of Warcraft arenas, updated it, brought it into 2016 with all-new art, all-new visuals; and 7.1.5, we’re doing the same thing to Blade’s Edge. Let’s take a look.


Very much like the update to Nagrand Arena, this is meant to be a one-to-one match in terms of collision. We’re really happy with the gameplay there. We’re not looking to change the gameplay, just put a very fresh coat of paint on an old-favorite. At the end, you may have noticed the ogre on his throne overlooking proceedings in the arena.

One cool feature in this arena is, this is actually our first Arena map that has sort of built-in voiceover announcer who will observe events, and call out things here or there. We will see how that goes. If it’s successful and well liked, maybe something we do more.



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