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Commentator: Please, welcome executive producer of World of Warcraft J. Allen Brack.

J. Allen Brack: Team Overwatch. Amazing emotional piece. Thanks for setting me up a very difficult job to come out to. I do want to talk about another game, one that also has amazing shoulder pads. (audience laughs)


Before we get started I want to channel an old friend: “HORDE! Where are you?” (Audience screams) “ALLIANCE! Let me hear you!


Alright, thank you. Grateful to have been given the opportunity to be with you today. This is a really special day for me. It is a really special day for the team. Everyone here watching online, watching in the BlizzCon halls, we are here to talk about what’s new for World of Warcraft.


It has been a pretty incredibly epic year for the WoW community. We have seen old heroes fall, and new ones rise. We adventured on the Broken Shore. We conquered Suramar. We watched the defeat of Gul’dan, and Illidan crushed his skull. And more awaits us on Argus. The confrontation with Sargeras — a Titan at the heart of Warcraft lore. We will be watching the community, and we are waiting on that world first.


Now, before I get to the big news, I want to take a minute, and I want to talk about ice cream. Ice cream is great. Ice cream is one of my favorite desserts. Personally, I love chocolate, and I love Cookies’N Cream. Cookies’N Cream is actually my all-time favorite dessert, but I understand that for some of you, your favorite flavor is vanilla.


Fans of World of Warcraft around the world: we hear you. I am pleased, and also a little bit nervous to announce the development of a Classic server option for World of Warcraft. This is a larger endeavor than you might imagine, but we are committed to making an authentic Blizzard quality Classic experience. We want to reproduce the game experience that we all enjoyed from the original classic WoW… not the actual launch experience. (audience laughs)


So, please bear with us, it is going to take some time; but it will happen. Now (I love you too)… and I am sure all of you remember the original WoW Server Blades that we auctioned off for charity a few years ago. We are probably going to need those back. (audience laughs)


Speaking of charity, in all seriousness, you all showed great support when we launched Shadow (the charity pet), ahead of schedule to support to help with Disaster Relief around the world. You have all donated very generously, it is always exciting to see the Horde and Alliance working together.


Today, I am pleased to reveal that we have also created an IRL version of Shadow available later this month. Sales of the Shadow plushy, adorable, through the end of the year will go to the same global Disaster Relief efforts.


I speak for everyone at Blizzard when I say it makes a difference. You know the annual charity contribution is one of the many symbols of the WoW community, and in total you have all donated over $15 million dollars to charitable causes over the years. Thank you for your help.

I mentioned we had some news. Players are now actively fighting on Argus — homeworld of the Burning Legion, but soon that chapter will come to an end. Deep rivalries between the factions lingers, after all you are members of the Horde, you came to Azeroth in search of nothing more than a home; and that is a journey that the Alliance has shown little respect for. Am I right Horde?

And Alliance. Alliance, you do not forget the Broken Shore. You do not forget the betrayal that led to the death of your own King Varian. Animosity between the Horde and the Alliance remains strong, and from these deep wounds between the factions will flow the next story, and the chapter of Azeroth. This is the story: Horde vs Alliance. Wounds that can never be healed. This is the beginning of the next expansion. Let’s take a look at the features.


Welcome to the new expansion. I heard some of you obviously spot Jaina (our favorite human mage), or is Khadgar our favorite human mage? I am not sure. Okay, Battle for Azeroth will make you prouder than ever to declare your allegiance to the noble Alliance. Battle for Azeroth will call on you to rally in support of the mighty Horde. The stakes have never been higher. Now more than ever your faction matters.


You are wondering about everything else you just saw: Islands, Warfronts, and Allied Races. We can’t wait to tell you about all that and more during our panels this weekend starting right here at 12:30pm. Right here, game director Ion, creative director Alex will be here doing a deep dive. Everything that’s next with World of Warcraft.

And it wouldn’t be BlizzCon if you couldn’t get your hands on some new content right now. Battle for Azeroth is playable here on the showfloor for everyone at BlizzCon. We have also recorded special videos of the BlizzCon demo experience for everyone watching with a virtual ticket.

We have one more thing for you. Normally, we would announce the expansion and show the logo, and then later, much later… we would show you the intro cinematic. But this year is a little bit different. Now, before we roll this piece, I want to tell you that a lot of love has gone into everything that you are about to see here. So, on behalf of the thousands of people that work on World of Warcraft around the world, it is our great honor to share with you the Intro Cinematic for Battle for Azeroth.


Have a great BlizzCon! Be good to one another, have fun, welcome home.

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