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Ion: To change the gears a bit: Dungeons. So we have 10 dungeons coming your way in Battle for Azeroth. Like zones, each faction will have separate level up dungeons associated with your continent. Four in Kul’Tiras, and four in Zandalar — and then all 10 open up when you hit max level, and you gain some new motivations to go into some of those places.

On the system side, Mythic Keystones also here to stay. We want to provide better support for that system. We will be designing more of a dungeon with full knowledge of what the system entails, we also want to provide UI improvements, so it is easier to form and find Mythic Keystone groups.


If you are just looking for +10, but you don’t care what map it is, you should be able to search for that much more easily. Things like that. But refinements is building upon a system that we heard fantastic feedback from the community about. We love this as really making dungeons a continued part of the game.

Let’s talk about some specific dungeons. First off, Freehold. Freehold is located in Tirigarde Sound. This is a wretched-hideous-scummy-villainy. It is full of brigands, and outlaws, and cutpurses; and you are going to have to go through this place if you want to put a stop to some of the problems that Kul’Tiras is facing.


Let’s take a look at a video of Freehold.


Yea, that was an ogre with a shark for its arm. On the other continent, we have a dungeon known as the Atal’Dazar. This is a tomb of ancient Zandalari kings located in the zone of Zuldazar. But there are dark forces present here. Trolls conducting terrible rituals, dinosaurs, undead, undead dinosaurs, and all sorts of dire threats.


Let’s take a look at a video for this dungeon.


So both of those dungeons are also fully playable here on the showfloor today for a total of 4 separate experiences: Alliance questing, Horde questing, Alliance dungeon, and Horde dungeon. Grab four friends, make some new ones, check out the dungeons. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

So other dungeons — as I said there are 10. I am not going to talk about these in great detail, but these are scattered across the new lands: The Shrine of the Storm (this is a dungeon in Stormsong Valley). If you want to see some more behind the scenes boss of this dungeon, check out our Boss Design panel tomorrow afternoon at the Legendary stage. You can see our Encounter Team design out one of the bosses in this dungeon live.

The very bottom of this list is also a place that is not in Kul’Tiras and not in Zandalar. Kezan.

Now this is a favorite location of ours that we have wanted to revisit for some time. Knowing Goblins (if you do), you might not be surprised to hear that once word spread of the substance known as Azerite, they immediately set out to dig and dig and dig and see what they could uncover to control it for themselves; and who knows what else they found in the process. Should be a fun trip.


Now moving on to raids. Quickly here, since I don’t want to go in too much detail into the nature of this raid, because it is hard to do without tremendously spoiling pretty much the whole story of Zandalar; and I don’t want to deprive anybody of the experience of learning what happens as intended through datamined broadcast text. (Everyone laughs)

But this raid is a Titan facility in our expansion early located in Nazmir, known as Uldir, Halls of Control. It was once a Titan… effectively a laboratory, a quarantine facility, where they aimed to analyze and try to understand the nature of their ancient enemy: the Old gods.

It didn’t go so well. This place has been shut down and sealed away for thousands of years. Until now. And we will have to go in there to face off against the source of Zandalar’s corruption.


Inside, we will see a new spin on some Titan architecture, as you see in the concept from one of our dungeon artists here.


We will be facing off against all manner of delightfully slimey foes. Little tiny person. Sorry tanks. At least there are no ankles to look at. You will be looking at a belly. This is the first raid. This is the Highmaul. This is the Emerald Nightmare of this expansion.


Now following this, and I am going to say even less about this raid, it might have occurred to you that when Alex was up here talking about the dark threats from the sea, plaguing Kul’Tiras… well, we know a couple of threats from the sea. Don’t we?

There are some that we have heard a lot from in Legion. You know… some Tidestone related stuff… and so, Yes! Before all is set and done, in Battle for Azeroth, we will be facing off against Queen Azshara.


Lots of more story to tell on that front; and so, this stage is set for the Battle for Azeroth. We have crimson red confidence on the west. Royal blue in the east, and a vast expansive ocean in between. We as champions of the Alliance and the Horde, will have set out to explore islands, battle on Warfronts, and uncover mysteries that threaten to undermine the very world beneath our feet. Because at the end of the day, does it matter who wins the Battle for Azeroth, if there is nothing left for the victor to claim?


So thank you so much for coming out. Thank you so much for joining us for the beginning of this adventure. It is always a joy. We have so much more information to share over the course of the afternoon here at BlizzCon, starting in just a few hours right back here on the stage.

If you have any questions about what you have heard, submit those questions up at the Darkmoon Faire, or online for our Q&A tomorrow afternoon. Focus exclusively on Battle for Azeroth content and what lies ahead. Also checkout our Art panel at the Legendary Stage tomorrow, and so much more. Thank you so, so much. Welcome to BlizzCon. Have a wonderful weekend.


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