Zone Flow

Ion: We told you we would get back to Vol’jin. Thank you, Alex. You have just heard all about the world that you are going to be exploring. Let me start talking a bit about how you are going to be exploring it. Some of the basics first. So as Alex mentioned, we have six zones spanning two continents. Three in Kul’Tiras. Three in Zandalar, and because of the nature of the story here, the way you are going to level up — Alliance players will head off to Tirigarde initially… The Horde players will head off to Zuldazar; and you will level to 120 primarily in your own faction’s continent as you learn to understand their problems, and solve those problems.

We are still going to have the scaling zone tech we had in Legion, so you can hit any of the three zones you want to start in, which problem you want to solve first, play your way through those content as you prefer.

Now at max level, the entire world will open up to you, effectively doubling the amount of outdoor space that you will be actively engaged in when you are 120. Now it might be easy to lose track as you are dealing with the problems of the Kul’Tirans and of the Zandalari. Might be easy to lose track of the larger conflict in which Azeroth as a whole is embroiled.

So just as we had with the Garrison campaign in Warlords, and the Class Order campaign in Legion, we have two epic Alliance and Horde War Campaign arcs that will weave the way throughout the level up experience, and beyond — anchoring you in the larger war consuming the world, as well as beginning to lead you to the opposite faction’s lands.

So you start to build up some outposts in Kul’Tiras as a Horde player, you start to build up some outpots in Zandalar as an Alliance player. That will set the stage for the eventual 120 experience once it all opens up.


Now at max level, there will be world quests, there will be emissaries. We are very happy with how all this has played out in Legion, and we want to continue to build upon it, refine it, learn from what has worked, and what hasn’t; but that structure is here to stay.



1. Battle for Azeroth2. Zones of Kul'Tiras3. Zones of Zandalar4. Zone Flow
5. Allied Races6. Leveling Improvements7. Heart of Azeroth8. Island Expeditions
9. Warfronts10. Battlegrounds & Arenas11. World PvP12. Dungeons & Raids

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