Zones of Kul’Tiras

Alex: First off, we have got Tiragarde Sound. Tiragarde Sound sits on an inlet in the middle of the continent, and it connects the Great Seas, the main connection points for all of the different zones.


Now, within Tirigarde we find the capital city of Kul’Tiras: Boralis. This will also be the Alliance’s main base of operations in the Battle for Azeroth. So this will be your hub. Now, I mentioned that Kul’Tiras was ruled by four houses. When we get to Tirigarde, we meet the first of these houses, led by a familiar name: Proudmoore. Meet Katherine Proudmoore, everybody. This is Jaina’s mother, and I want to go on record here, and just head this off… she is 100% not a dreadlord. Not!


Now, Kul’Tirans (by nature) are monster hunters. Specifically, big nasty sea monsters — which is lead by a much hardier breed of human, like these big fellas over here; and I also mentioned that the zones each have their own problems.


Well, in Tirigarde, one of the problems has to be with pirates. Normally, the outlaws of Kul’Tiras hangout at the pirate city of Freehold; but in recent months, they have gotten a little bold and started attacking Tirigarde Sound; and we are going to need to have to deal with that.

Now, who wants to see a video? Yeah! Let’s take a look at Tirigarde Sound.


Moving on to Drustvar– there is a Q&A tomorrow. We can answer your questions there– Drustvar is a forested-mountainous region that is located in the southwest part of Kul’Tiras. Lord and Lady Waycrest govern this region, but in recent months, they have been suspiciously absent from public affairs; and this has been a huge cause for concern for the people that call this place their home.


Now, this absence has also put a stop to the main contribution that Drustvar makes to Kul’Tiras: Arms, and sausages. I am honestly not sure what’s worst. It feels like sausages is worst. Now, as we are exploring Drustvar, and trying to uncover the mystery of the missing Waycrest, and restore order…, and sausages… we will find that the land is cursed; and you can start that story today on the showfloor with the Drustvar playable demo. So after we are done here, make sure to get out there and give it a go.


Let’s look at a video of Drustvar.


Last up, in Kul’Tiras, we have got the Stormsong Valley. Now, unlike Tirigarde Sound, and Drustvar, Stormsong Valley is lush, green, and beautiful. The area is ruled by the house of Stormsong, and the people of this region are devoted to the sea with a fanatical, religious fervor. Now, they are led by a group known as sea priests.


It is through Stormsong and the sea priests that the mighty Kul’Tiran navy is built. Every ship , every piece that goes in to every ship most first be blessed by the sea priest before the vessels are deemed sea-worthy. They take their ship-building very seriously here.


Now, when we get to Stormsong, we will find out that ship-building operations have come to a stop, as ancient dark forces are attacking from the sea, and quilboars. Lots and lots of quilboars. Let’s take a look at a video of Stormsong Valley.


So we have gotten a glimpse into the areas and zones of Kul’Tiras. Let’s switch gears and take a look at Zandalar for the Horde.



1. Battle for Azeroth2. Zones of Kul'Tiras3. Zones of Zandalar4. Zone Flow
5. Allied Races6. Leveling Improvements7. Heart of Azeroth8. Island Expeditions
9. Warfronts10. Battlegrounds & Arenas11. World PvP12. Dungeons & Raids

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