The Moonkin Festival is a new micro-Holiday: “A wonderful celebration of all things Moonkin is happening today in Moonglade. Stop by and see what you can learn!

It is currently available for testing in PTR 7.2.5. The quest starts in the southern area of Moonglade, near pet master Elena Flutterfly.

Talk to Makkaw who will give you only one quest. You have to observe the behavior of three Moonkin hatchling packs marked in the mini-map. Just stand by each pack a few seconds until you get credit onscreen for observing that pack. The first pack is dancing. The second pack is practicing Moonfire on a dummy, and the third pack is sleeping.


Return to Makkaw to turn in the quest, and he rewards you with a temporary Moonkin Hatchling (2 hour buff). To the left of Makkaw and at locations throughout Moonglade you can find a Moonkin Stone on the ground. Click it to loot a Moonkin Stone: “Attuned to Moonglade, allowing you to understand Moonkin. (3 sec cooldown). Requires Moonkin Festival.” You will get a buff named Understand Moonkin (1 hour).



Now here is where some players might get lost or frustrated or confused. The quest ends there. No follow up. I knew that couldn’t be the end of the Festival, so I clicked the Moonkin Hatchling, and he said he was hungry. I closed the window, and talked again. Now he was pointing at the Stormrage Barrow Den. I went there, but again I felt lost. After some exploration, I determined that:

A. The Moonkin Hatchling is hungry.
B. Whatever I must feed him with is located in the Stormrage Barrow Den.

I explored outside the Stormrage Barrow Den, and most of the time if you see a level 110 satyr, a Moonberry plant is near it. You will see a white silhouette framing the moonberry plant for easy spotting.

There is no quest progression markers like the World Quest tracker telling you how many moonberries the hatchling needs. Loot 5 moonberries and click it in your inventory to feed the Moonkin Hatchling, until a second hatchling spawns.



Talk to them both. Each will say Kill Jadefire, or bad Jadefire.

At this point, I figured out that there are no quests. The Moonkin Hatchling’s dialogues are the quests. They tell you what to do next. So by all means, keep talking to them for updates on clues of what to do next.

I didn’t know how many satyrs I had to kill, but eventually I looted a vial. Kill the Jadefire Shadowmasters until you loot Brilliant Vial. Clicking the Brilliant vial in my inventory said that I needed to gather two other items to combine them into an antidote: Constellas Corruption and Moonglow Water. I kept killing satyrs until I gathered all the required ingredients to combine them into a Moonkissed antidote.



Here again, I got lost. After talking to the Moonkin Hatchlings, all they said was help Clookie. After some exploration, I found him. Fly on top of the fountain at the Stormrage Barrow Den to get your bearing. You will see three barrow den entrances. Enter the one in the center.


By the crossroads, turn to your left to enter the tunnel that leads deeper into the barrow den.


Once you reach the second crossroads, keep moving forward until you reach a terrace.


Talk to Clookie to give him the antidote. When he wakes up, talk to him again. He will say thank you for saving me. Talk again and he will say: “Kill the one responsible for all of this!.” It was until I talked to the Moonkin Hatchlings that I knew who the responsible one is: “The moonkin hatchling is crying at the thought of Xavinox.”



This satyr is in the middle of the fountain outside the Stormrage Barrow Den. He is no mere elite satyr. This dude has a lot of health, and has a powerful ability that needs to be interrupted: Pyroblast. A pyroblast hit me for nearly 60% of my health. You can safely ignore his shadowbolts. He cast another ability around 65% health: Mirror, which spawns 3 copies of himself. Mirror can’t be interrupted. He will cast Mirror a second time around 30% health.

NOTE: I played as a retribution paladin, and there was an alliance druid tank. You can kill him with two players.


Just focus the original Xavinox, ignore his mirror copies, and keep interrupting his pyroblasts. When he dies, you will loot Beanie Boomie: Moonkin Hatchlings follow you, eager to learn from your adventures. (3 Sec Cooldown).

This adds an additional hatchling for a total of five following you. The buff now increases to having the hatchlings follow you for the next 5 days, and they will moonfire your targets.


PATCH 7.2.5

In addition to the Moonkin Festival, PTR 7.2.5 testing of the Tomb of Sargeras Looking-For-Raid is available through Apr 28-30. Tomb of Sargeras LFR offers loot iLevel 885-895+.