One point of contention I’ve seen in discussion on the Legion Alpha is the state of the updated Dalaran. Many have questioned whether or not the city has truly been “updated” aside from the additional of a couple new doodads. In my personal experience, I’ve found the most of the original textures to have been replaced, and many objects given brand new models. As I did with the Hall of Shadows previously, I’ve decided to put the issue to rest by providing another side-by-side comparison of Dalaran on alpha and on live.

The most notable changes are to the textures for the grass and pathways, which have been completely redone.



Textures on the walls, bricks and items like the banners in the brew garden are crisper, while individual objects have been given new models.



The most interesting, but hardest to show, is an effect they’ve given the buildings. Most buildings in Dalaran now have a “sparkle” to them, which makes them twinkle and glitter as you walk past. It’s difficult to show in a still image, but I’ve tried to capture them here. You can also see more texture clean ups, such as on the tailoring building and entrance to the cheese shop.



Ian Bates

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